You’re Invited: Local NYPD Precincts To Host Community Gatherings on Tuesday

All of NYPD’s Upper West Side precincts will be hosting “National Night Out” events on Tuesday evening, seeking to meet with community members and discuss ways to fight crime in the area. In the past year, the precincts have launched new Neighborhood Policing programs.

The 24th Precinct’s event will be from 6 to 9pm Tuesday at Happy Warrior Playground, West 99th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

The 20th Precinct’s event will be from 6 to 8pm Tuesday inside Verdi Square at West 72nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue.



And the 26th Precinct’s event will be from 4pm to 8pm on Morningside Avenue between 125th and 127th Streets.

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    1. Michael Engber says:

      The 26th Precinct will be hosting its own event on the same evening. It should be included with the announcements from the 20th and 24th.

    2. SpeakupNYC says:

      wow..we all have ALOT to say to the 20th precinct. No less than 30 bicycles chained to scaffolding on Amsterdam 70th-71st…so many calls and nothing is done. Homeless living there and setting up blankets and meals and throwing garbage on the sidewalk. Nothing is done. Then the couple living near 72nd/Bway urinating in the street under took weeks for the 20th to respond. Some officers so rude-we just say never mind and walk on by. Some however are fine and responsive. This sad dirty UWS is sinking. Anyone ever try to wait for the 104 bus at 86th/bway going south? Stoned out residents from the SRO hang out in the shelter all day ..night whenever. We wait AWAY from the “shelter” just to be safe. Then there’s the booksellers on 72nd with their dirty tarps, storing all their belongings and forgetting their meds. The tall thin guy who screams all the time. Listen, we hope someone expresses the downfall of the neighborhood we loved. It seems the UWS has become the repository for homeless shelters and landlords who take over once gorgeous buildings and turn them into garbage. We’re heading across town hopefully.Good luck and we hope you are heard.

      • Rob G. says:

        I don’t blame the officers at all. They want to help, but their hands are tied.

        The blame lies with our current mayor who came into office on an anti-police platform and effectively emasculated the entire NYPD.

        The result is what you see on the streets and the flaccid response you get from your local precincts.

      • Mark says:

        How much do you make in a year?

      • Ron Kapon says:

        National Night Out tonight (6-8PM)
        at Verdi Park next to the 72nd Street subway station. Capt Malin the CO of the 20PCT. will be there as well as many of the new community policing unit. Show up and tell them your problems. There are now officers WALKING beats in the 20PCT. Talk to them.

      • robert says:

        It sounds like you should go tonight and talk to the precinct command as they will be there
        There is also a community meeting at the 20, the fourth Mon of each month that the command is at and is open to the public with a Q&A