Learn About the JCC’s High-Quality After-School Programs


The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan is excited to be able to offer the kids in our community fun, high-quality after-school classes in the arts and cooking.

Kids learn and explore through their senses, and the experience and process is always the most exciting part of any art activity. With classes in areas like ceramics, textile design, and photography, kids can explore whatever brings them joy and ignites their imagination while allowing for the freedom to be creative on their own terms.

By learning basic cooking skills and transforming fresh ingredients into a delicious, balanced meal, kids learn that real food is delicious and that cooking is an important—and fun—way to take care of yourself. In fact, one of best tools we have to prevent childhood obesity is teaching our kids to cook. Whether measuring ingredients, practicing knife skills, exploring various cooking methods, or cutting a whole recipe in half, cooking is a great way to develop self-sufficiency and problem-solving skills, while also exploring different cultures by tasting exciting flavors from around the world.

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Learn more about Culinary Arts and Studio Arts at the JCC.

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