Fancy Ice Cream Shop Van Leeuwen Close to Opening

The timing couldn’t be better. Brooklyn-based ice cream chain Van Leeuwen is expanding to at 448 Amsterdam Avenue (81st-82nd) just as the ice cream season really gets going.

The company, which is known to be vegan-friendly, has said previously that they’d like to open in May, although it’s unclear if they’ll actually open their doors before the end of the month. They haven’t responded to our latest request for comment on the timing.

Our 💞NEW💞 Vegan Pink Lemonade special will keep you refreshed all summer long 💕🌴We infuse freshly squeezed lemon juice with Rishi Hibiscus Tea, blend it with our creamy vegan cashew & coconut base, then fold in homemade red currant jam! Find it right now in all our NYC shops👌😎

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Van Leeuwen is in the midst of a large expansion throughout the city. Here are their flavors.

Thanks to Carrie and Michelle for the photos.


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    1. N says:

      They were open last night.

    2. cityrachel says:

      hope they might have some sugarfree treats???

    3. UpperWestGuy says:

      They were open yesterday evening, May 24th.

    4. UWS Dad says:

      I walked past Van Leeuwen last night and there were people in there queueing for ice cream. Could have been a soft opening though (no pun intended). Amorino on the other hand was fairly empty. Can they both survive so close to each other? I hope so!

    5. Brian says:

      They were open yesterday. Maybe it was a soft opening, but they were packed.

    6. anne says:

      I’d appreciate clear information when NUTS are among the ingredients in an ice cream, as in Vegan Pink Lemonade ice-cream which would not be expected to have nuts in it. Nut allergies are serious, and without listed ingredients, those of us who are allergic to nuts will have to buy ice cream will have to shop elsewhere.

      • W.J. Bryan says:

        Have you contacted anyone at the company about this?

      • Minx says:

        Anne, their website clearly notes that all vegan ice-creams are made with cashews and coconut. I had some of their vegan pistachio on the weekend and it was absolutely delicious and creamy. Im sure if you asked the staff in the store they would happily tell you the ingredients.

    7. Mike says:

      I wonder how much of their opening delay is caused from the City’s red tape?

    8. Weird That Way says:

      I’ve tried their ice cream when they sold from trucks. Outstanding stuff!

    9. Young Sally says:

      I had to look twice — at first the article link from FB spoke of the store opening. Then I click thru to the headline and I see Van Leeuwen close……which bc it is Friday afternoon I read as will “close” not “soon to open”

    10. Boopsie says:

      How expensive are the cones and cups?

    11. nycityny says:

      It was open with a line of customers on Friday evening.

    12. Hugh says:

      How much does a Van Leeuwen ice cream cone cost???

      Around $4.50 for a small, $6.50 for a large.


      A guy like me who always considers value, would rather spend $8 for 2 litres of Alden’s Organic ice cream at Fairway, and eat my ice cream all week.

      Alden’s is really good.

      • nycityny says:

        Your price guess is too low. I just walked by. The prices for a single, double and triple are $5.50, $7.50 and $9.50, respectively.

        Seeing those prices (and the long line outside) I opted to try your suggestion. I headed over to Fairway and bought the Alden’s. If others are interested, it is on the 2nd floor, not the 1st.

    13. Bob Lamm says:

      Open on Saturday afternoon (5/26). Note that they don’t take cash. Vegan-friendly but not cash-friendly!

    14. Karen says:

      I’ve been to their Brooklyn location. Absolutely amazing Great addition to UWS

    15. Olde Tymer says:

      Re: “The prices for a single, double and triple are $5.50, $7.50 and $9.50, 😱respectively”;

      and “Note that they don’t take cash. Vegan-friendly but not cash-friendly!”😱 😱

      and…flavors like “Black Sesame Ash”; “Vegan Dark Matter” 😱😱😱

      O.M.G. !! HOW VERY, VERY “2018 BROOKLYN”!

      SOME of us may recall Olde Brooklyn, a place where “dese, dem, and dose” were comically common, a place with a working-class vibe AND a working waterfront, a place wit’ ethnic nabes, and a place with a crappy-but-scrappy ball-team.

      Hate to sound like Archie Bunker, but “Those Were the Days”