House Cat Lost in a Scenic Riverside Park Spot

This house cat was spotted in the bushes on a path in Riverside Park around 83rd street. Is it yours?

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    1. lynn says:

      Did the person who took the photo bring the cat somewhere?

    2. dannyboy says:

      No, my cat Suke stays indoors in nyc. I will take a walk over there this morning. Perhaps I can get her and see if there’s an embedded chip.

      • Sharon says:

        you might want to bring cat food with you to get his or her attention

        • dannyboy says:

          Yes. I also have catnip.

          I hate to think this, but many cats get “left” down by the river. They can’t go west due to the river and can’t go east due to chain-link fences. Many stay down by the rocks.

    3. Joe says:

      Is “house cat” a species, or is this just based on the idea that no-one would be crazy enough to let their cat roam outside of the home? (Unlike, you know, the entire rest of the cat-owning world.)

      • Lindsay Freda says:

        Joe, do you live in Manhattan? It is not safe for cats to roam free here. Also, many cats fall out of windows or escape down fire stairs. They cannot get back to their apartments high in the sky. I live on the 11th floor with 3 cats. If they got out, I would be heart-broken and they would likely not fair well or be able to return home on their own.

      • dannyboy says:

        Cats do get away. My cat loves “to make a run for it”. It amuses her to watch me fun frantically. She always returns to the door on her own.

        My previous cat mad a “jump for it” out of the window. Another cat-owner found her trying to get back into the building and rescued her.

        They are hunters and will follow a bird, squirrel, or whatever.

    4. Tjo says:

      I took the pic. I couldn’t get to the cat bc it was too deep in and would not respond to come out. I also had my dog with me and my dog was freaking out so I couldn’t really do much. It was in a bush on that nice rock step path that u can access as u enter the park from 83st

      • Phoebe says:

        You didn’t really think the cat would come over to you and your DOG, did you? I mean, I’m sure your dog was hoping…

    5. APF says:

      There have been signs posted in the 90s on traffic light posts for the last few weeks and the coloring on the face looks like it could be this cat. I hope someone took in the cat and didn’t just leave it in the bushes.

      • Mary says:

        If you see signs posted about a missing cat that resembles this one, please call the # posted on the sign and direct them to this site (West Side Rag).

      • Lindsay Freda says:

        Sadly, this does not look like the missing cat.

    6. Lindsay Freda says:

      House cats don’t survive well outdoors – they are subject to diseases, rat poison, and starvation.

      If someone sees this cat, can they scoop it up and bring it to a local shelter (ACC at 326 East 110th St will take it, if no one else will). Maybe it has a micro-chip and can be reunited with its owner.

      Always micro-chip your pets for their safety!

    7. Fredde Duke says:

      Looks by the eyes it could be a feral. I’m not there. I hope someone takes it home.