Openings & Closings: Plant Shed, Joe & the Juice, Bike Rental, CVS

Plant Shed, the big plant shop on 96th Street, just opened a new location in an old grocery store at 87th & Columbus. And just in time for sort-of-spring we’ve been having. Thanks to J. for the photo.

Joe & the Juice is opening another new location on Broadway between 91st and 92nd next to Sweetgreen, in a former Verizon retail shop. The chain has been expanding rapidly in the neighborhood. Thanks to Ken, Linda, Allison and others for the photos.

Bike Rental Central Park just opened on 60th between Broadway and Columbus. Thanks to Rob for the photo.

CVS is indeed opening a new location inside the former Rite Aid at 110th and Broadway. Thanks to Rich for the photo.

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    1. dannyboy says:



      (just a personal opinion)

    2. Adina says:

      I walked in by accident on Sunday. The new plant shed is more than just a plant store it is also a lovely plant filled cafe. Finally a truly welcome and needed addition to Columbus Avenue in the upper 80s.

      • UWSmaven says:

        Went in there as well.. it’s just lovely and the people who work there are delightful. Can’t wait to hang out… hope they put some signage up to attract people!

      • NYnancee says:

        I love the coffee shop inside PlantShed. Great addition to the neighborhood.

    3. Jean says:

      All there used to be back in MY day, were little plant stores here and there.
      No longer the NYC I grew up in.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        response to Jean:

        … and then there was the wholesale “flower district”, 28th between 6th and 7th, and spilling down 6th avenue. now mostly gone, or at best a shadow of its former self.

        • B.B. says:

          Two things killed the Chelsea flower district.

          City under Bloomberg (or was it Rudy G.?) finally gave into property owners and rezoned much of the area especially along Sixth Avenue.

          Next came the city’s push (again think it was under Bloomberg) to move all wholesale markets to Hunt’s Point in Bronx. The Fulton fish market was first to go and nearly everything else has followed.

          While there are a handful of flower wholesale places left, they are mostly on the streets, not Sixth. Those who did not move either were forced out due to rent increases and or buildings being torn down for redevelopment.

      • dannyboy says:

        It’s growing. (Get it?)

    4. JB says:

      Joe and the Juice is the worst… loud music and mediocre everything 🙁

      More local coffee joints!

    5. I love the use of an empty retail space as a bike rental business!

    6. jd says:

      I’m surprised they haven’t tried to get rid of Td Bank, so they can tear down the building and build up.

    7. wombatnyc says:

      I know there have been some mergers and acquisitions but Rite Aid is by far my favourite of the bunch . Best prices,, best candy selection , beer selection and random toys and holiday gifts are the right prices. It was a fun adventure shopping there. Will be missed

      • JJ Fish says:

        When I check out at Rite Aid, I feel like I’m at a convenience store check out 15 years ago.

        When I check out at CVS, I just feel like I’m at a crappy convenience store in 2018

    8. NYYgirl says:

      CVS is ok, at least not another every two blocks Duane Reade/Walgreens!! We thought that the whole structure was going to be demolished & then become a multi-year construction nightmare, so yeah, we’ll take CVS!

    9. Bernie says:

      Just glad Matt Damon moved out of the neighborhood!

    10. cd says:

      bring back the Sloans