Norman the Chihuahua Has Gone Missing in Central Park

Has anyone seen this dog? The NYPD’s Central Park Precinct sent out this poster on Wednesday morning.

Update: “Norman was last spotted around midnight on March 2 at 91st St. & 5th Ave near Central Park, he is microchipped. Please call the Precinct at 212-570-4840 or the number below if found.”

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    1. Mi says:

      Oh please let us know when you find him.

      I don’t know what I would do if my Gucci (Chihuahua) would go missing.

    2. Mark Moore says:

      So I guess we’re supposed to ask him nicely to come with us?

      • Zulu says:

        He’s probably hungry. Some food and a high pitch endearing tone might be enough to make Norman come to you.

    3. Eln says:

      Poor baby. Hope he is somewhere warm. Please keep us informed.

    4. Phoebe says:

      I wish I knew how to use a lasso. Otherwise, good luck with that. What a cute dog. Probably only the nicest, most patient person in the world would maybe be able to catch him, which is some consolation maybe. I really hope the owner can find him. The dog must be very frightened, being that type of dog, to begin with.

    5. Phoebe says:

      Hold on… who in their right mind would let a chihuahua off its leash in Central Park???

      • Cody says:

        Hi, I’m Norman’s owner. Our Wag Dog Walker was walking along 1st avenue and 88th street when she pulled Norman one way and he pulled right out of his harness, leaving him with only his microchip as I.D. He was last seen running toward 5th avenue on 91st street, and we are working with the buildings and museums in the area to look at any footage they have for our next clue.

        • lynn says:

          It’s quite a run from 88th and 1st to 91st and 5th! I saw the poster at Eli’s today. That’s a very dog friendly neighborhood, and I hope that someone picked up Norman and maybe just hasn’t been able to get him to a vet yet to check for a microchip. Please let us know when he turns up.

          • RWC says:

            DON’T LOSE HOPE!
            My Dog ran from CPW near 93 when she was frightened by the sound of fireworks in the distance, she ran, and ran and someone found her near Amsterdam Ave and 81 Street a very kind person was able to grab her , and told us she was scared tired looking and then they found me.
            My dog was Microchipped with all our correct contact info.

            The local police were amazing they saw my husband running and calling the dogs name and he lost sight of our dog and they helped with the searching in their car with my husband. And told me to go home since the chip only had a landline home phone number listed.

            It was a miracle she did not get killed crossing all those streets.
            Her paws were a little bloody.
            And that amazing person brought her into her home until we were called that same day.

            • RWC says:

              DON’T LOSE HOPE.
              I have since found 2 dogs on the UWS street both times the dogs were very far from where they live, one was more than a mile away from their home.
              A few of us were able to catch the dog and went straight to a vets office to get scanned and the vet housed the dog until the dog was picked up by their owner.

              I want to add that we were advised to change the type of collar we use to a Martingale collar and never had a problem with her slipping out of the collar.

        • dannyboy says:

          1. Posting Reward signs incentivizes dognapping by encouraging people to seek financial rewards.

          2. It makes it harder for the next person who loses their dog, especially if they can’t afford to offer a reward.

          3.Rewards encourage scammers and thieves in addition to dognapping.

          4. You can always be generous after your dog’s return rather than incentivizing dognapping and encouraging scammers and thieves to prey on someone else in the future.

    6. Zulu says:

      Where abouts was Norman last seen?

    7. geoff says:

      all these dogs look the same to me. i once saw a parakeet in central park, later learned that they have a following, among birders. never saw a flock of chihuahuas, though.

    8. NYC10023 says:

      any updates on Norman?

    9. Amber says:

      Have you seen the dog again? If you are getting peopl together to search please let us know. I would be able to help search for him this weekend.

    10. Uwspups says:

      He was seen Saturday around 2pm on 88th and Broadway, please keep an eye out!!

      • lynn says:

        How the heck did he cross Central Park alone in this weather?! Is someone putting up signs on this side of town? Please keep us posted.