Jing Fong Reopens, Blaming ‘Harsh Winter Conditions’ for Closure

Jing Fong’s facade during its recent closure.

Jing Fong, the dim sum spot at 380 Amsterdam Avenue (78th Street) that was closed by the Health Department last week, reopened on Wednesday night. In a statement, the restaurant said that “water pipe burstings” contributed to the problems.

We take health and safety very seriously here, and at our Chinatown location, of Jing Fong. We, like many residential buildings and restaurants in the city, have been dealing with the harsh winter conditions and water pipe burstings and the issues that come with that. We have worked diligently to remedy the situation and received a clean re-inspection by the DOH around noon on March 7, 2018. We want to make sure our guests understand that we are taking the necessary steps and look forward to serving in the near future.

The reinspection cited evidence of mice and the restaurant not being vermin-proof, but Jing Fong was otherwise given a clean bill of health.

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    1. Carlos says:

      So maybe I’m a little slow because I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn last night, but what does water pipes bursting have to do with mice? My only guess is that it caused them to do construction and mice tend to be attracted to construction sites?

      I love the downtown Jing Fong and live close to the new one, but I think I will stick to the downtown location for now for many reasons, mice being one of them (my love of dim sum carts is another).

    2. Jonnie Greene says:

      We will be there as soon as it reopens. Regarding the superb addition of Jing Fong to Upper West Side great eats, Jonnie Greene and Gordon Lish are thrilled to be advised the restaurant will reopen soonest. We might remark that we are shocked to note the negative comments posted at this site assailing the quality of this extraordinary operation, and can think such comments could only have issued from malicious competitors and were not the observations of persons who were treated to the excellence of this establishment. We eat at Jing Fong’s at least once a week and have done so since it’s opening and have never found it a jot less than immaculately clean, its staff endlessly kind and efficient, and its food the best damn taste for the price, not just in the neighborhood but throughout the whole damn city. By the way, we live on the East Side and are old and arthritic, but would struggle through the heaviest weather to arrive at this glorious destination. Jonnie & Gordon

    3. JerryV says:

      Billy sounds like a troll from another galaxy. Take-out deliveries must take a really long time to reach him.

    4. Mark says:

      You know, sometimes the harshness of WSR comments saddens me, but I confess I find some of these hilarious. Who knows which are serious, which are jokes? All part of the human circus. Of which I am a member

    5. Meredith says:

      They received 36 point violation on 9/26/17 and 40 points in violations on 3/1/18. An A is under 14 points, B 14-27, C 28+ Their critical violations were not weather related.

      • BillyTheKid says:

        Exactly !!! The Super has no idea what he’s talking about the restaurant is a dump.