‘Tsunami Warning’ Seen By Upper West Siders Was a Mistake, Says Weather Service

Accuweather sent out a “tsunami warning” on Tuesday morning, an alarming message that turned out to be a mistake.

Apparently the National Weather Service was testing a tsunami alert, but the word test didnt make it into the final message. The weather service is looking into it.

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    1. UpperBestSide says:

      Would like to be the first to formally thank all the first responders, second responders and third responders for their heroic actions in convincing the Tsunami to not happen. One look at the Upper West Side’s finest and I’m sure that wave turned right back around. Proud to be an UWSer on days like this!

    2. Sean says:

      Is there any bread orb milk left in Fairway?

    3. drg says:

      this article just blows me away.

    4. veronica99@earthlink.net says:

      Did the guy from Hawaii get a job here?

    5. LesleyB says:

      On Jan 5th, the Accuweather mac widget showed temps in the -90’s. That one never got corrected. Tsunami is way more fun. Gotta love fake news!

    6. Gretchen says:

      Well, that’s a load off my mind, though I think tsunamis on the Hudson are probably a pretty rare event. I’m still gonna check my FEMA map.

    7. adam says:

      So uhh you guys posted an article literally a week ago that stated the following…

      “Eliot Calhoune and Omar Bourne of New York City Emergency Management say that false alarms are very unlikely to occur in New York City since there is significant redundancy built into the Alert procedure. Before any alert would be issued via a wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) as it did in Hawaii, the alert would be reviewed by a supervisor and then approved by Commissioner Joseph Esposito.”


      I feel like some good opportunity for follow up with “Omar and Elliot”

    8. Phoebe says:

      I just saw the play, “The Children” a few days ago. Weird and awful: First we have a false nuclear emergency then a false tsunami. Both took place in the play. Very, very sad.

    9. Mark Moore says:

      This is another reason I turned off the government alerts on my iphone.

    10. JeffS says:

      A political tsunami did hit Washington D.C. and we all were given timely warning about it. Didn’t do much good.