Openings & Closings: Amelie Wine Bar, Central Park Taekwondo, Lenscrafters

Amelie Wine Bar is now open at 566 Amsterdam Avenue near 87th Street, the former home of Belgian restaurant B Cafe. Mark and Lauren stopped by and gave a thorough report. “The space has a modern feel with plenty of breathing room. The previous configuration is preserved with the bar in front and tabes in back, just as was B Cafe. The Francophone staff are friendly and welcoming. While we really loved B Cafe, Amalie is a terrific heir to the space. The food is excellent, the wine list is thoughtful. We began with the celery root soup which was finished with granny smith apple cubes and tasted of fennel, and also the warm ball of goat cheese with pistachio crust over caramelized onions.  These with a dry riesling from Alsace, and also a Chablis. Then we had the hangar steak with peppercorn sauce and pommes frites, and the coq au vin. These with a Cotes du Rhone, and also a Langhe Nebbiolo. To finish, the proprietor (Sammy) gave us some Champagne in celebration of the opening and of the holidays.” See the website here.

Central Park Taekwondo is opening a new location at 210 West 77th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway. Its original location is at 50 West 72nd Street. Thanks to Lauren for the tip.

Permits up at the former TastiDiLite on 95th and Broadway indicate that it’s being transformed into a nail salon. Thanks to Rob for the tip.

LensCrafters has closed its location at 90th Street and Broadway, though it still has locations on 70th and 107th. Thanks to Abra for the tip.

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    1. Paul RL says:

      WSR, you really nailed that pun when you thanked Rob “for the tip” on the nail salon.

    2. dannyboy says:

      Lost me at “the wine list is thoughtful”.

      • EricaC says:

        Too complicated a thought? (Seriously – why the need for the negativity?) Can we have a New Year’s resolution to make this a place where we pick on each other only for things that actually matter?

      • WSR reader says:

        Yeah, probably not the place for you.

        • dannyboy says:

          Correct, that is why I stopped reading the review. I have found myself stopping after one glass of wine these days, otherwise I feel a bit groggy the next morning.

    3. UWS_lifer says:

      Why didn’t I know that they were opening a VIAND Coffee Shop on 85th and Columbus in the old Jackson Hole space??

      Now, this is exactly what we need in this area. Just walked by there an it looks like it’s going to be very nice.

      Just FYI folks.

    4. steve says:

      is the columbus avenue trader joes planning on opening before we are all long dead? Hopefully the future generations can enjoy in 2050

      • Ruby says:

        Actually just called and checked today. New tentative date is March 23! Taking way too long.

        • Elizabeth M. says:

          I live in the Trader Joe’s building and last week one of the execs was there and told me to expect a “big” announcement some time in February. An announcement?
          They’re really moving fast.

      • Fred says:

        According to a resident in that building it should be open in February

    5. eric says:

      Glad to hear about Amelie Wine Bar. i love Tangled Vine and Vin Sur Vingt but pleased to have more choices

    6. Kenneth says:

      Looks as though Rita’s Ice Cream on Broadway – 92/93 – may also be gone. There is nothing left inside except the counters and a ladder.

    7. Nelson says:

      I popped in to Amelie last night for a nice glass of red. Attractive space and very friendly staff. I look forward to trying it for dinner. Bienvenue!

    8. Paul H says:

      I note the Gristedes at 96 and Broadway is closed. With the Rite Aid above it long gone that leaves an eminently developable corner, yes?

      • dannyboy says:

        Yes. Extel’s development plan caused the closing of Gristedes.

      • Joanna says:

        They’ve GOT to develop that corner–so much opportunity there. I was also thinking the same thing for the area on the west side of Broadway between 94th & 93rd Sts, above the old Europan and Radioshack. Been empty for months!

    9. Boopsie says:

      Oh Boy! Another nail salon! Just what the area needs.

    10. Joanna says:

      PS – I went to the new nail salon (called “Refresh”) where the Tasti-de-lite used to be and it was great!

    11. Wendy says:

      Oh dear, ‘bye Lenscrafters. Eyes & teeth are what Senior Citizens need care for; BUT, sp’osedly the gov’t programs don’t ???? Are fewer citizens who’re nearsighted ?