The city put on a contest to choose one movie that would be shown throughout New York, so that we all would have something to talk about while waiting for the M72 to never arrive. In the end voters chose Spike Lee’s Crooklyn.

Two of the screenings will be on the UWS. Learn more here and see the locations below.

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    1. Mary says:

      People who comment on this site usually would claim this entire movie is a quality of life offense. New Yorkers of color living their lives outside is an affront to their property values.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        actually, it is a small number of people who regularly make racist comments. but their venom gives a bad flavor to the entire comments section. they degrade the WSR site.

        • Sherman says:

          You’re very trigger happy calling anyone you disagree with a “racist”.

          Perhaps it’s your way to distract yourself from your own deep-seated prejudices and hypocrisies.

      • Phoebe says:

        POC complain about the same “stuff” PWOC do, sometimes with sensitivity and sometimes w/o. and for diff, reasons feel it’s not pc to say what they want to say; in those cases, they need to drop the glib and snark and just say what they mean to say. For example, I can imagine what u might have encountered in the discussions of street vendors. I wrote that they never bothered me. So I never took much account how many and what they looked like. I probably said something positive about seeing books around;) But for those who were annoyed by them, and mentioned it as a problem, there were others who made it into something else, u for ex.. But I bet they annoyed (or didn’t) a similar percentage of each and every shade and income. I happily step around people, just glad to be able to walk. Really. But that’s me. I love NY. Compromise is best, but don’t assume… Nobody who loves the WS (and the WSR) wants a sterile, lifeless environment.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      THIS is the movie that was chosen? No wonder DeBlasio got elected.

    3. GG says:

      Where are you gonna watch, UWSHebrew?

      Maybe we should all go together? and then after we could all head over to Biggie Smalls Park for 40’s and blunts. Sound good?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Your racist comments deem you unqualified to “go together” with me to watch this…

        • GG says:

          Racist?! Hmmmm…i’ll give you ‘racial’, certainly stereotypical (and kinda stupid), but not necessarily ‘racist’.

          I hate to admit it but since I’m not running for office anytime soon I will…I myself enjoy a nice 40 and a blunt every now and again, if you don’t mind.

          Maybe if you joined me you would relax a little and learn that not all black people are trying to rob or kill you.:)

          • Phoebe says:

            Well, I might go and try to enjoy the movie! Life is too precious to focus on the search for the negative, even if it feels like a worthy exercise in discernment.

      • Phoebe says:

        Wtf is BSP?

    4. Izzy says:

      One of my favorites!

    5. Bragadocious says:

      So many better NYC movies. Saturday Night Fever is highly underrated. Friedkin’s “Cruising.” And of course Wall Street.

    6. Cat says:

      I LOVE this movie and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched it. Why would anyone claim the ‘entire movie is a quality of life offense?’

      • Mary says:

        Kids playing on the sidewalk, families hanging out outside, block parties. It’s an amazing movie and a window into time before the suburban types moved back into the city and started criminalzing any type of public enjoyment outside on the street.

    7. Sean says:

      What no Woody Allen or Nora Ephron? The Westside Rag readers must be ready to revolt.

    8. Manhattanite says:

      What’s it about?

    9. Phoebe says:


    10. Paul RL says:

      My Top Five NY-themed movies (in no particular order):

      – Midnight Cowboy
      – The Out-Of-Towners
      – Goodfellas
      – Escape From New York
      – Annie Hall

      Anyone else? Let’s hear ’em!

      • GG says:

        Good list. Love Scorsese…Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Raging Bull.

        I love Woody too but I’m going to say Broadway Danny Rose, one of my personal favorites despite being a little lesser known.

        Also, New Jack City was pretty cool. A baby faced Chris Rock and Wesley Snipes before he was a convicted felon. Ice T as the undercover narc. Excellent! Who would have thought Snipes would end up in jail and Ice T would have the successful acting career. Crazy!

        And, finally, The Muppets Take Manhattan.
        A true masterpiece of modern cinema.:)

        • Paul RL says:

          Nice! This is my favorite Ice Tea role:

          • GG says:

            That was awesome! You got me laughing over here. Thanks!:) I remember when he was just starting out in the mid-80’s, he was truly the first of those west coast “gangster rappers”. His first big musical hit was Colors, the theme song to the movie of the same name, with the always brilliant legend, Robert Duvall, as a weathered veteran LAPD officer and a young Sean Penn as the cocky rookie he was training. Great movie…and holds up pretty well.

            And if we are extending the list to include all of NYC and not just Manhattan, I would have to add Saturday Night Fever. That movie just oozes New York (Brooklyn) in the 70’s. Travolta at his best before all that Scientology mishegas.