A 13-year-old girl named Karina Smith has been missing since leaving for summer school on the morning of July 27, according to a police flyer posted on Twitter early Wednesday. Smith has run away from home in the past, according to the flyer. Although the flyer states two addresses as her home — 91st and 93rd Street — the correct address is 93rd, a police spokesperson told us.

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    1. Heather R says:

      Not just the address, but the information on her height and weight, has inconsistencies throughout this flier. Is this the best they can do for a missing child?

    2. EricUWS says:

      Horrible. I can’t even imagine the pain that her parents must be feeling. I hope she turns up unharmed.

    3. EI says:

      The description of this child in the body of the notice is completely different from the first few lines. Is there some kind of error? Even the addresses don’t match.

    4. dana a says:

      please stop complaining about the “errors” i can get the picture. i particular love the comment from heather R “is this the best they can do for a missing child” why don’t you GO OUT and HELP!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        help how? nothing can be done. either her friends know where she is, or they don’t.

      • LC says:

        The complaints are valid. NYPD should do better.

        • UWS-er says:

          Seriously. Her height, weight, hair color, eye color vary wildly from the first description to the second. Of course it’s worth pointing out, and yes, NYPD should fix this and re-issue.

    5. Cat says:

      She has a cellphone so there’s a good chance that she has Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and her friends know exactly where she is. The same thing happens every summer when school is out.

      • lynn says:

        I agree, and I remember when everyone here was very concerned about another young girl who disappeared last summer and then we found out that she’d done it at least twice before. In addition there were two more instances where teens went missing from the neighborhood, one from an apt complex, and the other walking home from school, and they were both with friends.

        The scholarship student who ‘disappeared’ from Columbia U actually left without telling anyone and she was in the south with family members.

        I’m not on any of the social media sites but I wonder if the police check them.

    6. Gerald Sider says:

      If she is found, and I hope she will be found well and secure, it is crucial to have someone with a sympathetic engagement with her find out why she has run away from home twice. It could be just childish boredom, or it could be very serious.

    7. Amadou says:

      Really karina again