Talk about an easy gig for a lazy dog! Photo by Priscilla Greene.

June 19, 2017 Weather: Afternoon thunderstorm expected, with a high of 86 degrees.

Concerts, comedy and more local events are on our calendar.

Management at one Upper West Side building is redefining the term”walk-up” as they renovate the walk-up building’s only interior staircase: “The building at 167 W. 83rd St. is a walk-up with no elevator. A single staircase is what everyone above the ground floor must use. But building management recently sent a letter to tenants telling them to pull down the metal ladder on the fire escape and hop up during construction that would have taken the stairs out of service every day from June 21 to June 26.” Council member Helen Rosenthal contacted the Buildings Department and they halted construction.

Curbed mapped the best places to cry in NYC, and included the museum of Natural History. “This may seem like an unlikely candidate, what with all of the school kids and commotion, but here’s the thing: There are so many nooks and crannies within this vast museum that you can easily sneak away for a moment of reprieve. Our recommendation: Head to the panorama section or dip into one of the theaters—who doesn’t want a comfy seat when they cry?”

People had raised $376k for a Columbia student injured in a recent hit and run as of Monday morning.

A cool terra cotta discovery by a local co-op board.

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    1. Mark says:

      Can someone explain the GoFundMe phenomenon to me?
      Presumably the student has insurance so out-of-pocket costs are real but unlikely to be even remotely close to 376K.

      • Zulu says:

        True GoFundMe has gotten out of control in many trivial cases. For this particular kid with head trauma, brain bleeding, internal bleeding and fractured legs I would have to say $376K will not be enough. So far he’s been in three or four surgeries and is likely to require more in addition to all the therapy he’s going to need in the near future. If there is somebody who is confronting unexpected critical expenses is this poor guy.

        • OriginalMark says:

          How much is needed?
          Shouldn’t the process be to determine an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses and then make that a goal?
          With insurance, out-of-pocket will reach no where near that despite the itemized list of terrible things that he has endured.

    2. lynn says:

      I asked about this when a friend recently started a GoFundMe page, and everyone reminded me that the recipient still had to pay rent, utilities, plus pay for groceries and transportation, and physical therapy, etc. Maybe the rest will go to his college fund.

      • OriginalMark says:

        I doubt a college student’s rent, utilities, groceries, etc. will get to 375K (or 500K which is the stated goal on the GoFundMe page).

        As for a college fund, why is that the responsibility of others after an injury.
        Not trying to sound harsh – but realistic. If people have money to donate to worthy causes, is an Ivy League student who, from what I’ve read, is not from a disadvantaged background, the best use of one’s donation dollars?

    3. Frank says:

      The operative word in your statement is “Presumably”. Lots of room for error in that word.

      • your neighbor says:

        As a parent of college students, schools do not let students register without either family provided health insurance or paying for school provided health insurance.

        So yes, Mark is correct assuming the student most likely had health insurance coverage.

    4. Mark says:

      I just looked again at his GoFundMe page – he has now raised $399,000 and is attending Columbia on a full scholarship.
      The donations are going into his brother’s bank account.
      Seriously – I am sorry for the guy’s injuries but sounds like it’s turned into a scam.