The neighborhood is getting a new burger joint to replace an old one, and Telepan is being replaced by a workout spot.

Burger joint JG Melon plans to open at 480 Amsterdam Avenue (83rd) in the former home of Joe’s, which just closed. JG Melon’s Upper East Side location is known for having an excellent burger, though its ambiance may not be to everyone’s liking, according to Eater. “The staff there are notoriously gruff, the beer selection is domestic (in the pejorative and literal sense), the room is cramped and cash is the only accepted method of payment. You want at itemized receipt? Good luck with that. But all of that, while not part of the charm — because there is little — is mitigated by one of the city’s most iconic hamburgers served in one of its quintessential barrooms.” It will have a liquor license hearing next Wednesday at the community board offices at 250 West 87th Street. Thanks to Talia and Jonah for the tip and photo.

Ellen’s Couture, which designs and tailors wedding dresses, has closed its location at 445 Columbus Avenue (81st) and moved to a new space at 336 West 37th Street, Suite 830. They’re available at the same phone number. The store had been there for about 15 years, an employee said. “The rent was too high.” Thanks to Terry for the photo.

High-intensity workout business Barry’s Bootcamp plans to open in the former home of Telepan at 72-74 West 69th Street, according to the Commercial Observer. “It will include the post-workout Fuel Bar that Barry’s Bootcamp devotees have come to expect and appreciate,” the broker said.

A new restaurant called The Viand is planning to open in the former home of Jackson Hole at 517 Columbus at 85th Street. We don’t know much about the new spot, but it will also present its plans at the liquor license hearing next Wednesday. Thanks to Peter for the tip.

Ricky’s on Broadway between 86th and 87th street is closing on May 14. That’s the second Ricky’s to close recently — another one closed last November. Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip.

Lagom Gourmet Deli at 79th and Broadway has closed after just a few months. Thanks to Matt, Lauren and Bob for the tips.

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    1. Sean says:

      Viand is a coffee shop located at the Beacon Hotel

    2. Carmen says:

      The Viand has had 2 East Side locations for 40+ years; related?

    3. Diane says:

      Viand is the name of the diner on the SE corner of 75th Street and Broadway in the Beacon Hotel…as well as the original on Madison Ave at 61st Street. Maybe the same owners?

    4. Karen says:

      I wonder if The Viand is related to the two coffee shops with similar names, one on the east side and one on the west side:

    5. J says:

      Is the Viand the same Viand as the diner next to the beacon theater?

    6. Harriet says:

      The Viand ?? Could that be another iteration of the Viand Diner on 75th and Broadway? Very dependable spot.

    7. Cato says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb here, but isn’t there another Viand coffee shop somewhere??

      • MK says:

        Yes on the eastside and I think he and Sammy who owns the one on the westside are relatives

    8. RF says:

      There was a gourmet deli on 79th and Broadway? I live two blocks from there and literally walk by every day on my way to work…I never even noticed it.

      • Cato says:

        It was actually on 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway, and closer to Amsterdam. On the south side of the street.

        I think there was a dry cleaner’s there before.

      • M says:

        It was on the South side of79th between Broadway and Amsterdam.

      • A&W says:

        It was definitely not gourmet…it was one of those places that sells bottled drinks and chips, etc. I think it had some hot food too.

    9. stwcurran says:

      Further closings:

      Bernheim and Schwartz on Broadway at 114 seems to have closed with the sign on the door and the website “Closed for Regular Dining Service. Open for Private Events.”

      And while this is older, the more nothern location UWS Island Burger (which was always empty)closed and is for sale, while it looks like the kitchen is still operating for delivery orders.

    10. Ben David says:

      Can we see how many people will ask if this Viand is the same as the other Viands? 🙂

    11. Stuart says:

      I guess no one remembers that JG Melon used to be on the northwest corner of Amsterdam and West 76 Street (the current home of the Amsterdam Ale House). Welcome back to the West Side.

      • GG says:

        Yes, was going to say this myself. I used to go there all the time in the ’80’s.

        My friends parents had an account there and we would go there and run up a tab. Cool place. Also what happened to the pool place (Amsterdam Billiards?)? We need another pool joint on the UWS.

        • Uwsider says:

          A billiard hall on the Uws would be great!

          • Cato says:

            There used to be several. Another was over Woolworth’s on the northeast corner of 79th and Broadway (where the huge shoe discounter is now). Apparently the neighborhood couldn’t support them — not surprising, since it’s hard to find a billiard parlor anywhere in NYC anymore.

            • B says:

              Amsterdam Billiards on 11th and 4th
              Society Billiards on 21st and Broadway

              These are the 2 main rooms in Manhattan at the moment.

      • Stuart says:

        A suggestion –

        Before posting, please scroll and read everything that has already been posted, so you don’t inadvertantly repeat something that has already been posted.

        Thanks for your consideration

        • Carlos says:

          I agree with your suggestion but I believe the moderator does not make posts visible until they have been reviewed, so there is often a long delay from posting until it is actually up. Thus, several people could post the exact same thing and not be aware as they can’t see the other posts.

          • West Sider says:

            True, sometimes it takes a while to moderate as we do not have a full-time person doing it. Thanks for your patience.

    12. Robert says:

      Viand is way over-priced, even by NYC standards and frankly not very good.

      Then again, you can say that about every diner on the UWS these days.

    13. Deri says:

      JG Melon, moving to a spot just a few blocks away from where it was in the 70s! (76 and Amsterdam) .

    14. Westender says:

      There used to be four Viand diners, once owned by the same family, then sold. They’re no longer related to one another. This new one is probably related to one of the four, since the name exists for others, but that’s just speculation.

    15. Violet says:

      “Viand” is a very popular name for all kinds of unrelated restaurants all over the country. It means “meat” in French. It doesn’t have to be a chain.

    16. Juan says:

      Ironic that the Jackson Hole spot is being filled at the same time as a JG Melon is opening nearby as I think JG Melon will essentially replace Jackson Hole – similar place.

    17. Mark says:

      Staff at JG Melon’s on the east side has always been great. Be a generous customer (via being polite, enthusiastic… and of course tipping) and they will return the favor. A 5 star restaurant it is not (and it clearly isn’t trying to). I make my way east side every couple a months for a burger and always leave happy. This is a welcome addition.

    18. West side gene says:

      There was a jg melon on the corner of amsterdam and 76th st in the 1970’s. Look like it’s coming back to the neighborhoodd. They had good burgers back then.

    19. LNP515 says:

      Me, I’m hoping for a Bed Bath and Viand.

    20. Betsy says:

      Glad to have JG Melon back! The Amsterdam Ale House on the corner of Amsterdam and 76th USED to be JG Melon. In fact, that’s what my friends and I still call the Ale house!!

    21. Mark Moore says:

      Whispers — that odd one-story bar/club on 94th between Broadway and Amsterdam — appears to have closed. It will likely not be missed.

      • Paul RL says:

        I disagree. The staff was friendly and eager to serve, and the owner Carlos grew up in the neighborhood. The Puerto Rican fare may not have appealed to everybody’s taste buds, but I thought it was excellent. Fun little place to go for a drink as well.

        • Mark Moore says:

          I dig Puerto Rican food but that place looked looked like it needed a bar rescue. If it makes you feel better, there was a new sign on the front this morning so I’m guessing they didn’t close.

    22. EricaC says:

      I hope the Viand is a diner, and a good one. I would love to have one in the neighborhood.

    23. jimbo says:

      Mention again Viand,and
      I’ll give the the back of me hand…

      an unkn Irish poet

    24. B.B. says:

      Interesting news about JG Melon.

      Meanwhile their Third Avenue/UES location recently “negotiated” terms to remain as half if not that whole block is going to be redeveloped.

      JG Melon is probably one of the last “old school” or even “WASP/UES” joints still left. Le Refuge (one of Jackie O’s favorite haunts) has long gone.

    25. Bob Lamm says:

      I went into the Lagon Gourmet Deli on its very first day and it was immediately obvious that it wouldn’t last long. “Gourmet”? Hilarious. It seemed to offer absolutely nothing special that would persuade anyone to take their business from any nearby competitor. The owners were apparently clueless. I don’t believe I ever saw more than two customers inside there. Often it was empty.

    26. Blake says:

      That is an accurate description for the original jg melon, but not for the new Greenwich village one. It takes credit card and everyone is very nice. Wonderful spot, very exciting to have it nearby.

    27. Spence says:

      Sorry to see Lagom close so quickly, but they really did not do their market research. Old timers in the neighborhood like me knew it was doomed from day 1.

    28. Ollie Bland says:

      This is Melon’s second time on the UWS. A branch opened on Amsterdam at 75th in the late 70’s.

    29. Mark says:

      I’m not sure if anyone noticed but Viand is a diner that currently exists at 75th and Broadway.

    30. Noal says:

      Wasn’t Viand that diner in Groundhogs day that Bill Murray went to every morning and kept repeating in comments?

    31. Lorraine Varjabedian says:

      Aww, man! I was afraid that Ricky’s would close. Admittedly, I don’t go there a lot, but it’s been great having one close by. Wish I could spend a lot more at every shop I like!

      • B.B. says:

        Ricky’s NYC as a chain isn’t doing well. Between competition from online sales and the fact much of the “good” things they used to get in terms of professional hair and beauty products are now off limits. Oh and there is the fact Duane Reade, Walgreens, and other similar stores sell pretty much the same “health and beauty” things often for less.

    32. JR says:

      The deli on 96th just east of Broadway is closed! It’s been around for at least 30 years?

    33. Molly says:

      That Ricky’s is actually between 87th and 88th, not 86th and 87th.

    34. Chris says:

      JG MELONs is now owned by the restaurant group that owns The Mermaid Inn. That’s why its coming back to the UWS.