A Michelin-starred restaurant appears to be closed for good, as another bagel store is apparently moving in to the Upper West Side (making it the third in less than a year).

Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant Andanada at 141 West 69th Street near Broadway looks like it’s closed for good. The lights have been off during dinner hours, no one is answering the phone, the owner did not respond to email messages, and an employee next door said he thinks they are closed. A UPS notice was on the door when we stopped by. We reported a few weeks ago that Noi Due next door was planning to expand into Andanada’s space, but we did not hear back from Andanada’s owner to confirm they were closing. Heralded chef Manuel Berganza posted on Instagram a few weeks ago that he’s moved onto another project in Singapore. This is indeed a sad closing — the place had excellent food and fun flamenco dancers and musicians. Thanks to Michael for the tip.

(There is now just one UWS spot with Michelin stars: Lincoln Ristorante and Dovetail. Jean-Georges and Per Se also have stars, but are just barely in the neighborhood. Telepan, which had a star, closed last year and Picholine closed in 2015. Lincoln Ristorante lost its star last year.)

columbus bagel

Columbus Bagel Cafe is opening in the former home of Ricky’s on Columbus Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets. It would be the third bagel shop to open in less than a year — the other two are Zucker’s and H&H Midtown East. Thanks to Lisa for the photo.

Thrift store Second Time Around is closing its store at 2624 Broadway between 99th and 100th on Monday April 10. Other locations are expected to close too. It’s not yet clear if the store on 72nd Street is closing — we’re awaiting word from the company. If you’ve got anything on consignment, better contact them quick. Thanks to Erica for the tip.

da capo

Da Capo is planning to open at 322 Columbus Avenue (75th-76th), the former home of a running shop. They said at a recent liquor license hearing that the will serve coffee during the day and offer wine & tapas in the evening. There will also be live music. Thanks to Corrie for the photo and Amy for the tip.

We reported last week that Sweetgreen appeared to be ready to open at 91st and Broadway, and the news was confirmed by the Commercial Observer. The health food restaurant plans to move into 2460 Broadway between 91st and 92nd in late summer. It’s a 10-year deal and the asking rent was $250 a square foot. It’s the third Sweeygreen in the neighborhood.


You scream, I scream. We all scream for Screme’s outdoor gelato bar at 176 West 94th Street (Amsterdam), which is open for business (not a new opening, but a nice sign of Spring)! Thanks to Rob for the photo.

There’s work going on at the former EMS on 76th and Broadway and Anel Cleaners on 70th and Columbus. If anyone has any tips about those or other openings and closings email westsiderag at gmail dot com.

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    1. wombatnyc says:

      Who owns Scream. How can they survive if they only are open seasonally ? Must be some sort of good rent deal with the landlord

      • Butter Pecan, Please says:

        Screme is open year-round. I believe it’s only the outdoor seating area that’ seasonal.

        • Debbi says:

          it’s only open part of the year at THAT location. i pass the spot daily. they don’t have another location listed on their website …

    2. Spencer says:

      I think that Michelin stars will be on the rise in the UWS in coming years – I expect one for White Gold, easily.

    3. UWSHebrew says:

      Zucker’s bagels are fine, but H & H was a real letdown. I’ll be waiting Columbus Bagel Cafe. For the best authentic bagel Absolute wins it for me, but the sesame bagels at Orwasher’s bakery drive me crazy.

      • Paul RL says:

        Absolute for the bagels (although I usually go to Lenny’s because it’s closer), but for the smoked fish & creamed herring it’s all Murray’s for me.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Try the whitefish salad (smoked or fresh), at Westside Market. It’s as good or better than you’ll get in any bagel store, and a bit cheaper.

          • Paul RL says:

            Funny – that’s the one item at Murray’s that I don’t like. I’ll give WSM’s a try.

    4. Melanie says:

      For those who care, Sceme has always been kosher for Passover. I assume it is this year, too.

    5. Cat says:

      Didn’t the nail salon close next to the Second Time Around location on 72nd? Anything scheduled to go in there?

    6. Karin says:

      A general questions: Why are merchants secretive about their plans to open new stores? We all speculate: What’s going into the former EMS, or Loehmann’s, or Gracious Home, etc.? Where there’s curiosity, there’s probably publicity to be had. I think they’d WANT us to know asap, to whip up interest.

      Your thoughts? Thanks…

    7. Jeff says:

      Fyi Lincoln lost its Michelin star a year or two ago, so that’s off the list too.

      I’d also submit that Andanada never should have been awarded a Michelin star – it was above average tapas, at best, and nothing more.

      That said, you can maybe get away with counting Jean-Georges, Per Se, Masa and Marea, all of which are barely inside or barely outside the UWS’ borders.

      We also have Sushi of Gari, which has a star for its original location on the UES.

      • Jennifer says:

        Agree with Jeff. Shocked that Andanada had a Michelin star. Had been there several times over the years that it was open and never liked it. Best thing I had (that was still medicore) was the tomato bread. Last time I was there (Feb), we ordered Paella that was overcooked and half of the clams didn’t open. We mentioned it to the server who brought the dish back to the chef. The chef opened each clam and said they were fine to eat. Ummm, no.

    8. Barbara says:

      FYI: Sushi Yasaka has a Michelin star

      • Jeff says:

        Yasaka is on Michelin’s recommended list, but it doesn’t have a star.

        P.S. I find it notable that the UWS has lost several starred restaurants in recent years and yet simultaneously witnessed a vast improvement in its restaurant scene. The stars are indicative of fine dining options, but their absence doesn’t mean that good eats are lacking.

    9. Mellen says:

      Maybe the reason Andanada closed is because nobody knew about it! I certainly would have gone had I heard it was that good and there was flamenco music too!!!

    10. Denton says:

      Very sad about Andanada. Have been eating there regularly since we moved into the nabe six years ago. Alvaro worked very hard to make it a really good and friendly place. Then apparently he ho problems with the partners and was forced out. New partners tried hard although they were not as sociable. However the food stayed at a high level. We continued to do regularly. Then a few months ago they had a new wine list. Cheapest bottle on the list was $72. Are you effIn kidding? I can eat at Jean George’s and get a cheaper bottle. By that time all the old staff we knew and loved has moved on too. After the $72 bottle of wine and personnel changes we decided it was time to move on. What a shame.

    11. 97thStreet says:

      Just dropped off a few things for consignment at STA on B’Way and 79th yesterday. The woman in the store was beyond nasty. And this was after she closed to the store for an hour (with a sign that said she would be back in half an hour) to take a “break” in the middle of the day with a line of customers waiting outside. If they close, it’s no surprise why!

    12. Denton says:

      Btw Second Time Around is not a thrift store, it is a consigment store for upscale fashion items.

    13. UWSSurfer says:

      Sweetgreen DOES NOT take cash. Insane. The small sign is posted at register AFTER you have waited for your salads to be made. The salads were “meh” and ingredients were not available so I had to accept substitutions.” Will never go again (Broadway at w. 75th or whatever).

    14. Fred Grant says:

      As families on the block look forward to the after-midnight “hum” of Screme on warm summer nights, it’s worth noting that the outdoor cafe operates sans a required license from the Department of Consumer Affairs. We all would have welcomed that public review process of all outdoor space applications. Where is DOB on this?

    15. Pia says:

      I received a check that bounced from second time around. Still waiting for its replacement. This was from about three weeks ago.

    16. Jams says:

      More bagels? Thought we are all supposed to be low carb, wheat and gluten free. Ha ha.

    17. Robert says:

      Andanada was over-priced and underwhelming, and that is being kind. Not surprised that it closed. If anything, surprised that it did not do so earlier.

      Given the high rents and high costs of running a restaurant – and the increasing competition on the UWS – I can’t see a place like Andanada being successful. They did not open for breakfast, did not open for lunch (or if they did likely were empty) and likely had very low attendance for dinner Mon-Thur and Sun. It seems impossible for a restaurant to make it work if they depend on 90% of your business coming from Fri and Sat dinner.

      Places that seem to be doing well are places like The Smith or Cafe Luxembourg that get a decent % of their business outside of Fri/Sat dinner. They serve breakfast, brunch on Sunday…and have a decent lunch and dinner crowd mid-week.

    18. bystander says:

      Sorry to see George Shankman Cleaners at 87th and Amsterdam has closed. A neighborhood fixture gone. There was a great still advertisement for L&O of Noth and Orbach walking across 87th with the Shankman sign behind them.

    19. Get Real says:

      Who cares what a tire company says about food?

    20. Jamds says:

      Aesop is going into the former Anel Cleaners.

    21. Jimbo says:

      The Sugar Factory opened last night.I spoke to some folks who were leaving.They said it was real good.The kids especially liked it.

    22. Chuck D says:

      That block between 99th-100th on Broadway is sketchy AF. No idea how any business can thrive there.

      • Cato says:

        “AF”?? Please translate into English. Some of us don’t know all of that code.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          “AF” is millenial / social media slang appropriated from the inner city. The “F” stands for the most popular 4 letter word, while the “A” is “as”. Guilty As F***

          • Cato says:

            Thanks — but how can that be?? “F***” is a verb, but is being used in a comparative where only a noun will fit.

            “As blue as *the sky*”
            “As right as *rain*”
            “Happy as *a clam*”

            You wouldn’t — in English, couldn’t — say “As green as *run*” or “As blue as *breath*”. So how can you say “[as] sketchy As F***”? that just makes no sense in language terms.

            While I understand the apparent obsession by the younger set (to say nothing of our elected City Council representative, see elsewhere in the Rag) to (as you nicely put it) “appropriate from the inner city” every single opportunity to utter the “f” syllable whenever and wherever, what sense does it make here? What has the poster said other than “sketchy” or “very sketchy”?

            This is a place for communication. Can’t we just use English to do that? Why do some people here have to inject swear words that, in context, don’t even have any meaning?

            • Cato says:

              Sorry – in the example above, which I typed as “As blue as breath”, of course it should have been “As blue as breathE”, to make my point about putting a verb where only a noun can go.

        • Human translator says:

          As F%^&k

    23. patrick says:

      Sweetgreen should be fixing the disastrous 75th Street store before further expanding in the neighborhood. There is always a long, slow moving line and the employees are not properly trained or managed. The salads are subpar for those of us who used to travel to their downtown locations. Further, white salad bar is usually filthy. If you’re going to charge close to $20 for a salad and a drink, you need to be perfect – and this place is horrible.