In the photo above, a trolley saunters up Broadway past the Beacon Theater between 74th and 75th Streets. The photo is for sale on eBay, and the owner says it was taken in 1947. Most New York trolleys began to get phased out in the 1930’s, according to the New York Transit Museum, but a few survived into the 50’s.

Another trolley is visible in this shot by Arthur Hosking from 1920 taken on 79th Street looking North. It’s part of a series of photos on Broadway that we published.

trolley 79

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    1. Old says:

      Can anyone make out what’s on the Beacon marquee?

    2. wombatnyc says:

      Love the Zabar’s building in the bottom photo in the upper left corner . Still the same after all these years . Strange design for sure

    3. AC says:

      Excellent color pic!

      Every so often a pothole appears on the West Lane of the Northbound Lanes at 78 street and B’way (crosswalk adjacent to Marshalls). Last time this pothole was open (last fall), the rails for the trolleys that ran along B’way were visible. I was a very nostalgic moment.

    4. manhattan mark says:

      The Trolley’s tracks are still there…and the trolley doesn’t
      change lanes. Let’s make Broadway traffic civil again.

    5. Bruce Bernstein says:

      beautiful pic.

    6. Harriet says:

      I went on line to buy this photo ($21.99) on EBay. Someone already snapped it up. Too bad.
      WSR should make a deal with the buyer to print reproductions. I’ll bet a lot would be sold.
      That was my business before retirement. If someone can find out who bought it, I’ll take on that project.

    7. ToddNYC says:

      There’s a cool free app called Photoscan, it’s super easy for scanning vintage photos. FYI.

    8. geoff says:

      the trolley pictured does not appear to have a mast connecting it to a power line. every street car i ever rode in was powered by electricity, but i never rode a trolley in new york.

      does anyone have an explanation?

    9. manhattan mark says:

      As a child riding on the trolley was a joy. My memory is that
      there was an operator seat at each end and the trolley would
      turn around at Columbus Circle and go back uptown. I’m
      pretty sure that the backs of the seats were reversible so that everyone was facing front when the trolly turned around.