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A synagogue’s proposal to build a new common house and condos at 8 West 70th Street is back on the community board agenda on Tuesday night, and once again generating controversy.

Congregation Shearith Israel has been looking to build on the lot for decades but has been stymied by community opposition, among other issues. It’s likely to generate more debate on Tuesday night at Community Board’s full-board meeting at 6 at Fordham (113 West 60th Street). It’s not exactly clear if the board will even vote — a community board committee gave the project a mixed review at a meeting in July, and a city board has asked more questions of the synagogue — but opponents want the process halted.

Landmark West wrote in an email appeal to supporters that “Given the significant deficiencies of the application, we’ve called on CB7 to defer any further discussion – or better yet, turn this application down flat – until Shearith Israel delivers the information that should be required of any applicant seeking special dispensation to build beyond what zoning and other rules allow.”

The synagogue application will be discussed at a “pre-meeting” at 6 p.m.

The full community board agenda and meeting time and place are below (note the community board is also attaching links to plans for changes to historic properties, which is really helpful).

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 6:30 PM
Fordham University
113 West 60th Street (Columbus Avenue)

Approval of minutes from previous full board meeting

Chair’s Report, Elizabeth Caputo

Nominations of Board Officers for 2016-2017, Howard Yaruss, Chair, Elections Committee

Community Session
We welcome all members of our community (residents, businesses, CBOs) who would like to speak on issues of interest to them.  Members of the community are granted one minute for remarks, and we will also accept a written copy for the record.

Manhattan Borough President’s Report, Diana Howard

Reports by Elected Officials (3 Minutes)

Business Session
Richard Asche and Page Cowley, Co-Chairpersons
Resolution Re:

1.    75 West End Avenue, New York Sports Club (West 62nd – 63rd Streets.) Application #149-95-BZ to the Board of Standards and Appeals by TSI West End, LLC to extend the term of the previously granted special permit allowing the operation of a physical culture establishment (PCE) at the above subject premises. The extension will be for an additional ten year term from the expiration of the previous grant on July 30, 2016.

Richard Asche and Page Cowley, Co-Chairpersons
Joint with the HOUSING COMMITTEE, Nick Prigo and Polly Spain, Co-Chairpersons
Resolution Re:

2.  Riverside Center.  Applications by The General Investment & Development Companies (GID) to the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development for Affordable Housing plans for:

Richard Asche and Page Cowley, Co-Chairpersons
Resolution Re:

3.    8 West 70th Street, Congregation Shearith Israel (Central Park West). Application #74-07-BZ to the Board of Standards and Appeals by Congregation Shearith Israel for an extension of time to complete construction and for a minor amendment to plans.  The amendment reflects changes to interior layouts to comply with building code and accommodate HVAC systems.

Catherine DeLazzero and Madge Rosenberg, Co-Chairpersons
Catherine DeLazzero, Coordinator
Resolution Re:

4.    Bloomingdale Playground. Department of Parks & Recreation’s proposed renovation of Bloomingdale Playground, Amsterdam Avenue and West 104th Street.

Jay Adolf and Gabrielle Palitz, Co-Chairpersons
Resolutions Re:

5.  Window replacements and terrace door replacementsSee plans

6.  Various small projects: See plans

7.    48-50 West 69th Street (Columbus Avenue.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for alterations to areaway and entry, rear yard and rooftop additions, and excavation.
See Plans

8.    164 West 74th Street (Amsterdam Avenue.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to remove steps at the building entry and modify the doors to be ADA-compliant, restore the facade, install new windows, infill portions of the light-wells, expand the penthouse, and reconstruct the rear elevation.  See Plans
9.    236 West 101st Street (Broadway- West End Avenue.) Application #18-7577 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a penthouse and bulkhead addition and a rear extension. See Plans

Michele Parker and George Zeppenfeldt-Cestero, Co-Chairpersons
Resolutions Re
10.    Applications to the SLA for two-year liquor licenses:

11.    Unenclosed Sidewalk Café Renewals:

New Unenclosed Sidewalk Café:
12.    286 Columbus Avenue (West 73rd – 74th Street.) New Application #7798-2016-ASWC to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Guyers, Inc, d/b/a Guyers, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 10 tables and 20 seats.
13.    Sidewalk Cafe disapprovals for failure to attend committee meeting:

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Can the Congregation imaging building anything in the space that is not a LUXURY CONDO?