Image via GoFundMe page.

Connor Golden, the 19-year-old who stepped on an explosive in Central Park in July, posted a picture of himself walking on a prosthetic leg on his GoFundMe fundraising page and offered gratitude for the support he’s received.

I cannot find words that adequately express my gratitude for how much hope and support you all have given me. It is a beautiful thing to see how many people are by my side when a tragedy like this strikes. Friends, family, and compassionate people I have never met – including fellow amputees, New Yorkers, fellow students and alumni, and those having a shared interest in music or scouting – have decided to help. I want everyone to know how much your support means to me.

This past week, I returned to school and took my first steps on a prosthetic leg, which all of you have helped me pay for (in addition to other medical bills and recovery expenses). I am posting with this note a photo of me at the prosthetist’s office on the day I received the prosthetic leg. You’ll see that I’m smiling in the photo. That’s not just because I’m happy to begin walking again. It’s also because I am so grateful for the huge amount of love and caring that has taken me from the shock of July 3 in Central Park, through the very difficult operations at Bellevue hospital, through police questioning and media pressure, through the healing process while at my parents’ house in Northern Virginia, through my trip back to school while on a wheelchair and crutches, to standing on my new leg.

The GoFundMe page had raised $74,500 as of Wednesday morning, just below its goal of $75,000.  Police have not arrested anyone for the explosion. NYPD has said the explosive was made with materials people could find in any hardware stores

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    1. Zulu says:

      This young man’s resilience and fortitude is inspiring. His parents must be very proud of him. Thank you WSR for posting an update on Connor’s condition.

      It’s truly unfortunate that he had to go through this terrible experience in his life but I’m very happy to see that it appears he has a bright future ahead of him.

      • Kev says:

        Agreed, kudos for his attitude and to all who donated to his Kickstarter campaign.
        Could it be it was he who made that bomb?

        • Sandra H Gleich says:

          Could it be you?

        • Ish Kabibble says:

          Hey Kev, why don’t you go step on an explosive, and we’ll see if you set it?

          • Kev says:

            Ish, telling me to step on a bomb is worse than my asking if someone stepped on his own bomb? There wasn’t much of an investigation.

            • B.B. says:

              No, there wasn’t, or at least not from the limited information released this far.

              If this young man turned around and sued NYC for billions maybe that would light a fire under someone’s behind.

              Guess this statement issued at the time sums things up: “Police officials have said they believe the bomb was the work of a hobbyist who did not intend to hurt anyone.”

              This stands in contrast to the fact type of explosive material used (TATP) is commonly used by terrorists in bomb making. It was used recently by same in the recent Paris, France attacks.

              Best NYPD and others can come up with is that they “believe” someone was learning how to make explosives. No *S* Sherlock. Ray Charles could have seen that one. It doesn’t exactly however inspire confidence that someone could be leaving explosive devices (experimental or not) abandoned anywhere in NYC for persons to trod or sit upon.

      • B.B. says:

        Nice looking young man with a whole promising life ahead of him, arrives in NYC full of exuberance and optimism; and leaves a cripple. It is a testament to his nature, his parents, friends and supporters that this young man still manages to see things in a positive light.