citi bike expansion

Citi Bike has marked the spots where new bike docks will be placed on the Upper West Side starting next month, including two new stations in the area below 86th Street and 23 above 86th.

The two new ones below 86th are on Amsterdam between 78th and 79th, and on Amsterdam between 65th and 66th.

Annual memberships cost $155.

As the stations are placed, the markers will change color from yellow to blue. Look out for the new bikes and send us pictures when you see them being installed. See the full map here.

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    1. Steve says:


    2. RalphCatNY says:

      Can’t wait for these to be rolled out. Of course, I wish they had more stations on the UWS – but I’ll take what I can get for now.

    3. biffmeister says:

      The stations are eyesores. Too many bike riders are selfish and ignore the rules of the road. They ride on sidewalks. They go thru red lights and stop signs. Bike riding should be limited to parks and the suburbs!

      • AnD says:

        Substitute drivers for bikers, and cars for stations, and Biffmeister, your post remains true. What, only true for a small portion of cars and drivers? Same holds true for bikers.
        So can we agree that driving should also be limited to the suburbs?

      • ScooterStan says:

        Re: “Bike riding should be limited to parks and the suburbs!”

        Guess you’d be pretty unhappy in downtown Copenhagen, where the bike racks are jammed with dozens and dozens of bikes.

        Or in London, or Paris, or even weeny Washington, D.C.

        ALL world-class cities support urban bike-riding as the perfect answer to vehicular congestion AND pollution. Guess what? New York City IS a world-class city, and it would be criminal of us to NOT accept ecologically-friendly urban bike-riding.

        P.S.#1: This writer does NOT bicycle.
        P.S.#2: Yes, some bike-riders are jerks, but, as The-Would-Be-Fuhrer, Herr Trump, said of Mexican immigrants, some ARE decent people.

      • Siddartha says:

        Funny, I actually think cars should be left in the suburbs. An island this small cant afford the real estate impact of everyone having a personal vehicle.

      • Woody says:

        Thanks for informing us about what’s wrong with bicycles. Until now, no one has ever brought up those issues so seriously.

    4. JDP says:

      Standby for bike hater comments in 3… 2… 1…

    5. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      Citi Bike is a great way to get around town, and I support its expansion in the UWS. I would much rather have more bicycles than more cars.

    6. Upper West Side Wally says:

      As a native from a country with 17,000,000 bikes I can pride myself on a little expertise and tens of thousands of miles of experience. What is being constructed in this city is heading for a major disaster. Bike paths/lanes on the left side, or sometimes the right side, of the street, the total absence of any training/education for car drivers, the lack of any enforcement of traffic rules is asking for serious problems about three to five years into the future. Several of my experienced country(wo)men have attempted to ride their bikes in New York. None of the managed to stay out of the ER.
      I’ll take the bus or train.

    7. ST says:

      I agree they uglify our neighborhoods for the sake of advertising just like the LinkNYC and newstands we didn’t need. On anybday I see at most a couple of people using Citibikes. And they are tourists who aren’t wearing helmets. The bike racks are always empty yet you see no riders. That’s because not many people would pay that annual fee or ride in NYC even with bike lanes. How many parking spots have been lost, how many people and delivery and other trucks imconvenienced from traffic snarls due to limiting out streets to one and two lanes for bike lanes and IMO very few actual riders. IMO the city was egregiously remiss for not looking ar the cost benefit. High vost small benefit for just a few–mainly tourists, yet we all pay.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        So, empty Citi Bike racks mean very few people use them? THAT’S what you gleaned from the article???

      • jbucko says:

        @ST – somehow, your statement “The bike racks are always empty…” doesn’t help to support your argument that “not many people would pay that annual fee or ride in NYC even with bike lanes”. The fact that the racks are always empty instead suggests that Citibike is quite popular (and I highly doubt it’s all tourists). Now if we can just get a rack at W110th and CPW!

      • Woody says:

        I hear this ridiculous comment often. How does it affect your life if Citibike riders aren’t wearing helmets? Why do you care and why would you judge a program’s effectiveness based on that? It’s pretty silly and useless to focus on this aspect.

      • anonymous says:

        The annual fee is $155 – roughly the cost of a decent/nice dinner with drinks on the UWS. Don’t think it’s the fee keeping people away lol. Also, tons of locals ride without a helmet including the dozens of people I know who regularly use Citibike to commute downtown everyday for work.

        • dannyboy says:

          “$155 – roughly the cost of a decent/nice dinner with drinks on the UWS.” says quite a mouthful, setting us up for: “Don’t think it’s the fee keeping people away lol.”

          I guess you’re saying that if you have to ask the price, you are in the wrong neighborhood.

      • Godisabicyclist says:

        60 bike racks replace 3-4 cars
        If they are empty then people are actually using them
        It means we need more racks
        It’s a great trade off
        60 to 4

      • Jon Nassimi says:

        The bike racks are empty BECAUSE they are being frequently used. Hence the densification of stations. And I see the bike lanes are heavily trafficked during peak hours. Do we live in the same neighborhood?

    8. Eln says:

      Change often takes many of us out of our comfort zones. Frankly, I have mixed feelings.

    9. Chris says:


      I’ve been waiting for Citi Bike to get to my neighborhood, now I’ll have a station across the street.

    10. John says:

      A man who seriously injured his head in a Citi Bike accident can seek damages against the city even though he wasn’t wearing a helmet, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.

      The state Appellate Division said Ronald Corwin could lodge a $60 million negligence lawsuit against the city and Citi Bike because the Bloomberg administration didn’t make helmets a requirement when the company opened for business in May 2013.

      City lawyers tried to argue Corwin was partly to blame for his injuries because he wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the October 2013 accident, and that it was too late in the legal process for Corwin to say the bike share program should have had helmets.

      But in a 3-2 ruling, the appeals court said the city “can’t have it both ways.”

      • Jay says:

        He can file a lawsuit. Doesn’t mean he’ll win it and looking at the specifics of the case, I have my doubts whether he’ll win it.

    11. NativeNyer says:

      Seen earlier this week: An irate man screaming at another man, who was standing with his CitiBike in the bike lane. The screaming man’s car was parked in the new style parking lanes that jut out into the roadway. I gathered that the screamer was accusing the cyclist of damaging his car, because I heard him yell “$60,000!!!” Then he called the cyclist a bitch and shoved
      the bike onto the ground. The cyclist said something about the police.

    12. Kathi says:

      Where. Are the ones above 96st on the Uws