Artie’s Delicatessan, the retro diner on Broadway between 82nd and 83rd Streets, has filed for bankruptcy, listing liabilities of between $500,000 and $1 million.

“The debtor’s financial condition was precipitated through a dispute with debtor’s landlord and the pending eviction proceeding by same,” the bankruptcy filing states.

A manager at the restaurant told us the filing wouldn’t affect operations, saying “GM went bankrupt. It didn’t affect them.”

Artie’s opened in 1999.

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    1. Sean says:

      There goes the neighborhood.

    2. Tom says:

      Big footprint. Usually empty or close to it. I see condos!

    3. Cato says:

      The bankruptcy might not affect operations, but I’d guess that the eviction by the landlord might throw a crimp into the pastrami.

    4. Heather H says:

      Unfortunately they have really gone downhill over the last few years.

    5. JDP says:

      Maybe they shouldn’t charge $18 for a pastrami sandwich, either.

    6. lynn says:

      I think this is one of the few delis/diners that still cooks it’s own food (Utopia and West Side Restaurant bring in their fish and chicken pre-cooked, not sure about Pier 72)and it’s literally the only diner I still go to.

      IMO the sandwiches are large enough to warrant the $18, plus it’s big enough to last me for 2 lunches. I won’t bother naming the places on the UES but in my experience the food is double the price for half the quantity. Over the past 3-4 years most high-end stores have stopped using the artisan bread they sell to make their own sandwiches, and everything is being delivered pre-made in the morning, which means soggy bread and slimy ingredients by lunch time.

      At least at Arnie’s the food is put together in front of you, can see what you’re getting, and the ingredients are fresh. I didn’t know the ‘old’ UWS and my neighbors keep me what I missed, but it seems like everyone is constantly complaining about the delis/diners that still exist from the ‘old days,’ so I’m really at a loss as to what people want.

    7. ron shapley says:

      Love the chopped liver…….

    8. Kenneth says:

      Can’t wait for their ugly sidewalk hogging “enclosed” sidewalk cafe to go away forever. They can’t even make it work doing business 24×7 on the public sidewalk. Can’t get long with their landlord? Shocking! Good riddance.

      • Upper West Side Wally says:

        A few dozens people out of work, but you got your twenty square feet of sidewalk. You must be thrilled…

    9. Kathleen says:

      Artie’s has never been the same since it was sold several years ago. I lost interest in going there when really annoying loud music was piped into the dining rooms, the salads got smaller and the new owner just not a very nice person. Too bad, it was a favorite back when.

    10. G says:

      When they took over an additional six feet of sidewalk for enclosed seating, the neighborhood was not happy…and sadly, not many UWS folk eat that type of food anymore.

      • dannyboy says:

        “..and sadly, not many UWS folk eat that type of food anymore.” – G

        Seeing a correlation between this diet and mortality, are we?

    11. Chuck D says:

      I feel for the place, but let’s face it; this is not how UWSers eat anymore. Hopefully a great new restaurant will open here one day. But who am I kidding; it’ll be a bank.

    12. Jim J says:

      No loss. Took an out-of-town friend for breakfast one morning. She ordered lox and bagels. The waitress told us they didn’t have any bagels. At a purported UWS deli! Never had a decent meal there.

    13. Bill says:

      And no Chicken Kreplach Soup?
      Come on, really

    14. Eddie says:

      I am a fan of their food but, like another bankrupt NY company, their prices are insane. I stopped in this winter to get some soup to get me through a cold. I was wise enough to ask the price before I ordered and once I heard the price I immediately walked out and had a can of Progresso off my shelf. I am convinced that the increased volume they would get at a more reasonable price would more than offset the lost revenue.

      Also, I never understood why they opened a bar area. I guess they had a lot of space that was rarely used but it didn’t make a lot of sense.

    15. Neal Hurwitz says:

      My friend Artie Cutler… his wife and her brther have run all since Artie died too young… Ollie’s Doc’s Carmine’s Virgil’s etc. Artie was a genius… TY, Neal

    16. Eric says:

      Meh….ate there once when I first moved to the neighborhood about four years ago. Haven’t felt the need to go back.

    17. Lucien says:

      I like the diner a few stores down the block (Cafe 82) better. Still, sad to see a business struggle.

    18. iris agar says:

      Artie’s should be ashamed to call itself a
      Delicatessen, especially on the UWS. The
      food is just awful!!!!!!!!!! I grew up on
      the UWS & we had the best deli’s – even
      their hot dogs are dredful, the rest of their
      food is unspeakable.

    19. UWS-er2 says:

      close…will not be missed

    20. Mark says:

      I agree with a couple of others that the place isn’t as good as it used to be.
      On my last couple of visits the cole slaw was flavorless and the pickles were really limp.
      The matzo brei was pretty bad.
      And the service has gotten worse – longer waits even when not busy.
      Oh – and it could use a deep cleaning. It just feels dirty.

    21. Ronnie says:

      I would hate to lose the one really good Jewish deli/diner on the UWS. Maybe Artie’s would like to locate a little north – up in the upper 90’s — on Amsterdam near 97th, 98th and up to 101 and above. Lots of us UpperWestsiders there who love good old fashioned Jewish hot dogs and hot pastrami sandwiches, tongue with coleslaw sandwiches on rye bread…Mmmmm yummy. The UWS above 96th Street welcomes you, Artie, with open arms and watering mouths.

    22. Maurice says:

      I think the quality of their food has declined while the prices have gone up. But their potato salad is unbeatable.

      Also, Barney Greengrass is not far away. It is smaller, always crowded and the menu isn’t as extensive, but it can give you your fix of most deli staples.

    23. anonymous says:

      I lived one block away for 4 years and never went. Every time we thought about it, my husband and I would look at the prices and veto it. If I’m eating at a diner I’m not paying $50+ for dinner for two. Nope. There are way too many other places to go that are better in that range.

      • dannyboy says:

        …Not for long.

        That’s kinda’ the implications of this story.

        • anonymous says:

          the above commenters pointed out the food was substandard at Artie’s. I don’t eat substandard food at high prices. I eat good food at reasonable prices and the many places in the 80s I frequent that meet that quota are thriving because, well, the market works – even on the overly regulated UWS.

          • dannyboy says:

            “the market works – even on the overly regulated UWS”

            Slipped that in “anonymously? Must be the precursor to the Presidential Election Debates.

    24. zeus says:

      I don’t bemoan that they are gone.
      Ate there three times. Always thinking it
      HAS to get better.
      It did not.
      Never tasted as good as it should have
      for the price they charged, and the
      service was below par for the course.

    25. Sean says:

      Every notice how most of the remaining coffee shops in this area are empty after a certain hour? The deli near me now closes at night. What happened to the city that never sleeps. Am I in the suburbs?

    26. Super Mensch says:

      Hope East Side Institution “The 2nd Avenue Deli” will consider opening a West-Side Location in this Spot. 2nd Avenue has two locations on the East Side and a “great” real-Kosher Deli is what the UWS always needed.

    27. Bill Reyer says:

      Yes, the food and decor have been uninspired. I have not eaten there for years. I have lived in the building housing Artie’s long before it ever arrived and pass it every day and cannot help but note the difficulty they have in maintaining the Board of Health A rating for a sustained period. Am I the only one bothered?

      • dannyboy says:

        I never ate there.

        • Mutaman says:

          Arties is great! The negative commentators are all a bunch of hipsters who are messing up the uws. Particularly the genius who complains because a tenant can’t get along with his landlord.

          • Sean says:

            I have never seen one hipster on the UWS. Do you know what a hipster looks like? What I do see is a lot of new money with kids wearing Harvard t-shirts.

    28. Mutaman says:

      Arties is great- great food, great service, great atmosphere. If you want to pinch your penies, move to Iowa.

    29. Doug says:

      I would be happy for Artie’s to go away… I’ve never understood why they can have an enclosed “outdoor cafe” year round and take up half of the sidewalk. Good riddance.