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A security camera at WABC-TV building on Columbus Avenue and 66th street caught footage of the crash (the Nissan and police car are in the upper right of the frame.)

A wild scene played out in the mid-60’s on Columbus Avenue Sunday night.

Police were racing to the scene of a man wielding a knife on Columbus around 66th street, according to ABC News. One cop car drove North on (Southbound) Columbus, which clearly surprised the driver of a Nissan crossing Columbus at 66th street. The driver,  Eugene Kaminsky, T-boned the police car in the intersection, as seen in the video below.

Police were able to apprehend the knife-wielding man, according to ABC, and no one was reported injured.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      My best wishes to Eugene Kaminsky. My worst to the knife-wielding thug.

      Stay strong.

    2. Michael says:

      In Massachusetts police officers are NOT allowed to break traffic rules, for the primary reason that is puts innocent people in harms way. Diving in the wrong direction on a one was street has been illegal for a long time – especially for the police. This is an outright dangerous act that put this innocent driver in danger. Shame on you.

      • ScooterStan says:

        Re: “Diving in the wrong direction on a one was street….”

        Please sign up for ProofReading 101 !

        Unless you ALSO can’t stand to read your writing.

        • Michael says:

          Dude, chill. It was a one letter typo. If this is what sets you off, you might consider reaching out for help.

          • B.W. says:

            ScooterStan has a history of flying off the handle here. It’s disturbing, the things that sets them off.

            • Independent says:

              “them”? Are you suggesting that ScooterStan is actually more than one person?
              I agree that his reprimand, for nothing more than an obvious typo, was gratuitous and obnoxious.

              (Just after I praised him in a different thread…)

    3. Hmmm says:

      Maybe this should be titled “Police Car Drives Wrong Way on One-Way Street, Fails to Stop (or slow down) at Red Light that He/She Cannot See and Unceremoniously Crashes into Innocent Motorist With Right of Way”

    4. Murphy says:

      If we would only wake up and ban cars and knives then tragedies like this would be averted!

    5. Josh says:

      The headline is definitely misleading. The sedan did none of the “slamming.” Thus:


    6. Don't see it that way says:

      Bad reporting. Kaminsky did not “T bone” the cop ca IMO. The police vehicle struck Kaminsku’s car.