The city’s “best pizza” is coming to the Upper West Side as some longtime businesses close.

Well-regarded pizza spot Motorino is coming to the Upper West Side, they’re just not yet revealing when and where yet! We heard from one employee it would be around 84th street, and could oopen as soon as late summer.

In a cryptic Facebook notice, the restaurant, which has locations in Brooklyn and the East Village, posted a picture of a pizza oven and wrote: “What is this thing doing all way up here? ??‪#‎pizzadetective‬ ‪#‎uws‬ ‪#‎comingsoon‬” New York Times food critic Sam Sifton said Motorino “serves the city’s best pizza.” That’s no small praise! “Multiple visits to the restaurants confirm: Motorino pies are great hot out of the oven, 5 minutes later, 10. You can order too much, watch a pie go cool on the plate, eat it anyway and discover: terrific.” Please, amateur food detectives, let us know ASAP where this will be located!

A new urgent care center run by Northwell-GoHealth just opened this week at 2628 Broadway between 99th and 100th streets. It’s on the ground floor of the Ariel East.


Roslyn, the jewelry store that has been a fixture for years on the corner of Columbus and 73rd street, is closing next month. It was “formerly Jerry Grant’s (Roslyn’s husband and father of the famous clothing boutique owner, Steven Alan) Gallery of Exciting Jewelry,” Terry Rosen reminds us.

New York Brat Factory apparently opened on Monday at 106th and Amsterdam. As we previously wrote, it will have a Kosher sausage-making factory on one side and a take-out spot on the other.


Polished Beauty Bar on 78th between Broadway and West End closed suddenly, with a notice on the door saying it was seized by the marshal. “One of the owner’s daughters who managed the place was like a therapist to her clients…whenever I was in there, I would always overhear some sort of ‘dramatic’ (and somewhat entertaining) story,” Angela tells us.

The former home of Blades clothing and skate shop at 156 West 72nd street has apparently been leased to a children’s store called Le Petit Kids. Our tipster did some further digging: “A quick google search has led to Le Petit Kids, a shop promising “designer kids clothing from European designers”.  The Locations page on their site confirms that they’re taking the space.  Also appears to be their only physical presence.”

An unnamed restaurant run by a corporation called 153 Amsterdam Rest Inc. plans to take over the space vacated by Sunflower Deli at 67th and Amsterdam and has been seeking a liquor license. Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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    1. anon says:

      West Sider rare and used bookstore on Broadway/80th also looks to have been shut down. A few days ago I saw lots of moving boxes out front and this morning it looked pretty empty.

    2. Rachel says:

      Hooray for a pizza revolution on the UWS. First Sirenetta and now Motorino! I just hope there is enough business for both and they don’t snuff each other out.

    3. Bill Williams says:

      I have never once heard of Motorino let alone that they are the “best pizza”. I think most of us know the best pizza places if we want Brick oven and if we want a slice joint we have Sal and Carmine’s.

      • TFJWM says:

        Sal and Carmine’s is a shadow of its formal self… Pretty much every pizza place in the area is better now sadly

        • dannyboy says:

          Sal & Carmine’s is uneven in quality. May I suggest going at opening for a fresh pie?

      • anon says:

        Motorino is a very well known and regarded pizzaria. I’m so happy not to have to go all the way to the East Village to get it once it exists up here too.

      • Mark L says:

        Motorino is the real deal. I’ve eaten at their East Village location several times and just love the pizza. As good as anything I’ve had in various pizza capitals of the world, including Naples, Italy, and New Haven, CT!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        “Dollar pizza” is better than Sal & Carmines. Overrated is not strong enough for this “landmark”.

    4. Jeff says:

      Motorino is a pretty big get for the UWS. Wish it was opening somewhere other than the low 80s, which are already pretty solid for dining, but not going to complain.

      • wombatNYC says:

        agreed – West 70’s and 80’s are saturated . Would love a Westville to open in the 90’s or 100’s in the near future

      • Margaret says:

        On the other hand… I keep wishing Xi’an would open a southern outpost. 103rd is a long trek with my lamb noodles.

        • dannyboy says:


          Eat them there. Tastes less soggy. Xi’an Famous recommends against takeout. No tip necessary for table service.

    5. Glen says:

      I love the paper thin crust of Motorino. I go to the outpost on E12th off First…never disappointed. Hopefully it takes the Prime KO space on W85th. (The Primo Pizza space on W84 between CPW and Columbus seems too small for a Motorino operation).

    6. Judy Paik says:

      So close to cotta??? interesting.

    7. Eddie says:

      It sounds like Motorino is also going to be very close to Celeste, which is similar but with more other offerings. Personally, I prefer a simple slice when I want pizza so I am not very excited about this addition, though it is much better than many other alternatives – to each his own.

      • joe says:

        Motorino is indeed a big win for the UWS. There are no real competitors. Celesete is Italian and does offer good pizza, but it is not a pizza place. Motorino is all about its pizza, particularly its dough/crust, and competes with the hip-chef pizza places like Robertas, Co. etc. I haven’t been in a couple years, but it was very good. I would guess, however, that the quality will have deteriorated as it often does in expansion locations. It will either lend hip credence to the UWS, or dilute the Motorino hip goodwill.

        • goeff says:

          i agree, a winning situation. but the last time i was at Motoring (a long time ago), i had to wait almost two hours for a table and, if i remember correctly, they did not sell slices at the LES location. things may have changed, and i hope so, but i suspect lines will form at the UWS branch, much like lines at Levain and Shake Shack.

          With wait times that long, it makes sense to go to Faro’s in Brooklyn and pay his now inflated prices for a slice of pizza history.

          • dannyboy says:

            Thanks for the tip. I will then eat my lunch at 11 am to beat the crowds.

            Hate crowds. Love pizza.

    8. lauren says:

      I spoke to one of the owners of Polished and they are looking to find a new location ASAP.

      • UWS-er says:

        Do you know what happened? The notice in the window looked kinda scary.

        • the_the says:

          When there is a marshall’s notice on the door it usually means they stopped paying their rent.

          Good luck finding another location with that kind of history.

      • NewUWSer says:

        Literally from one day to the next gone, a shame. I hope they pop again soon in the neighborhood. They had some really nice people working there.

    9. Sarah says:

      Motorino come south! We need more reasonably priced, family friendly places in low 70s/high 60s!

    10. myra lavine says:

      How can you guys talk about wannabees and not mention Numero 28 Cucina. Real Italian pies, great toppings and crust, much of the waitstaff are friendly Italians and the other friendly Europeans in general!

    11. Rick says:

      If now we could only get a good Chinese Food restaurant in the 60s-80s…

    12. Ish Kabibble says:

      I think we have enough BRATS walking around the UWS. Thank you! Good night, New York!

    13. Johnny Backinmyday says:

      The entire Upper West Side is the New York Brat Factory. Every time I go out to eat my meal is interrupted by the laughter of children.

      Back in my day children were to be seen and not heard. And before they let that liberal LaGuardia ruin this city, children and women weren’t allowed in my restaurants.

    14. UWSHebrew says:

      Motorino cannot come here quick enough for me. NY Brat factory was a huge letdown, so don’t have high expectations.