Bakeries, brats, milkshakes and coffee are all featured in this latest edition of Upper West Side openings and closings.

Orwasher’s has finally put up its sign at 440 Amsterdam Avenue at the corner of 81st street. The bakery was initially expected to open in April, but it’s been delayed. A rep wasn’t sure when the store will open but asked everyone to “hang tight!” Expect fresh-baked breads, sandwiches and salads, with about 15 seats inside and 15 more in a sidewalk cafe. Thanks to Joan for the photo.

We hear a new Starbucks is coming to 141 Amsterdam Avenue between between 66th and 67th streets, the former home of Furry Paws pet store. A tipster who lives in the building said she got a notice that they would be doing demolition work inside the store in preparation for a new Starbucks. A real estate ad for an adjacent space also notes that a Starbucks is “coming soon” to the area. Meanwhile, another tipster hears a rumor that the Starbucks at 67th and Columbus will be closing next month. The company has not yet responded to our requests for more info. But if the Columbus Avenue location closed it would not be a huge surprise. It’s been listed as for rent for months, at $140,550 per month.

ny brat factory

NY Brat Factory is getting to ready to open on the corner of 106th street and Amsterdam Avenue after Passover, according to the site Yeah That’s Kosher. “The location will serve as a small quick service restaurant on one side and on the other: a factory to produce and manufacture top quality hot dogs, sausages, pastrami, “kosher bacon,” salami, beef jerky, and more which can be purchased on site in the retail shop.” The eatery will have about eight barstools, but they’re expecting a robust take-out and delivery business, according to the site. Also, the logo above is pretty awesome.

Kirsh Bakery on Amsterdam between 86th and 87th street has been up and running for a few weeks, and within the next day or two Kirsh Kitchen (right next door to the bakery) is set to open for dinner. Kirsh Kitchen is a restaurant that is eventually expected to be open 24 hours a day. The bakery is already open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The burger restaurant Black Tap, which has become famous for its milkshakes, is also considering moving to the Upper West Side, Eater hears. “The restaurant does not yet have details on the exact new locations that they’re eyeing, but a tipster tells us that spaces on Amsterdam near 75th Street may be in play. Black Tap is barely a year old, but its elaborate milkshakes topped with cookies and cakes spread like wildfire on Instagram.”

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    1. Justin G says:

      Any update on the Trader Joes / 93rd Street rumor?

      • DMac says:

        I don’t know what’s happening on 93rd street, but as soon as I saw that D’Agostino’s on 110th and Broadway was closing, I submitted a suggestion via the Trader Joe’s website that they look at that space. Got a form letter acknowledgement that they got my request, which is all I expected.

        • Sophie says:

          Good idea! I will do the same with Trader Joe’s – that would be a nice addition to the neighborhood!

      • Paris Wyome says:

        I asked a TJ checkout person about possible new Manhattan stores. She indicated there are possibilities of new upper West Side and upper East Side stores. That would be good in reducing long checkout lines at 72 St. I don’t shop there if I can see a line beyond the apples/oranges. I live a block away so I am not going to spend more than 5 or so minutes in a TJ line. Often long lines are due to many unmanned checkouts. Maybe if persons complained about that TJ would have fully staffed checkouts more often.

        • Lyri Clark says:

          I always complain about TJ and the crowds and dirt they’ve brought to our neighborhood.I speak to their managers ….I rarely shop there…can’t find anything I want and the crowds are ridiculous. I wish we had a real supermarket …Morton Williams? Would love Tj to vacate.go elsewhere!

          • ScooterStan says:

            Re: TJ and the crowds and dirt they’ve brought to our neighborhood.”

            Ummm…WHAT crowds…and WHAT dirt ???

            Sure, on weekends, esp. Sundays, there MAY be a line, a very orderly line, of people trailing towards W. 72nd as they wait to be allowed in. Have NEVER seen such a line on weekdays.

            And the “dirt” (if it exists at all) is probably caused by the neighboring Duane Reade, whose delivery trucks stop just outside on Broadway.

            TJ’s is a great asset to the UWS, bringing a huge variety of AFFORDABLE food-stuffs to a wildly diverse clientele (the checkout-area is an always fascinating marvel of multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-age, and multi-cultural shoppers…TJ’s IS New York City!)

            • Brandon says:

              Scooter Stan, there can be a line to get into TJs at 6 pm on weekdays as office workers attempt to stop by between the subway and home. But the idea that too many people shop there therefore TJs should leave is laughable. Obviously people in the neighborhood want a TJs. When we had a real grocery store — Food Emporium — nearby there were never lines because nobody liked it.

    2. Big Earl says:

      What’s up with that Orwashers picture? Is that one of those print to canvas deals you can get at Duane Reade? I’ve seen clearer pics taken from 1907.(just having some fun)

      • Young Sally says:

        Wonder if it was taken on a bus or some other vehicle that was “wrapped” with an ad over the glass.

        • West Sider says:

          Probably taken through a bus or car window with a sun visor.

        • Margaret says:

          Maybe the new mosquito control on the West 80s?

          In real life though, Orwasher’s looks gorgeous! I’m super excited for their opening.

    3. Eric says:

      NY Brat Factory … your view of the skyline is the view from Jersey … please reverse … Thank you

    4. Kate says:

      Great about a possible Black Tap!

      Also I’m pretty pleased about the new Starbucks in that neighborhood. The one on 70th and Broadway/Amsterdam is always so crowded.

    5. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “NY Brat Factory is getting to ready to open ….”


      Actually, the ENTIRE Upper West Side has become a “brat factory’….judging by the behavior of some little twerps at “family-friendly'” places these days.

    6. Steve in Manhattan says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t want another Starbucks? Or another CVS, or another Duane Reade, or another Verizon store, or T-Mobile, or Sprint? Give me an H&H in the 70s. Give me another Grey’s Papaya. Give me someplace I’ll shop at.

    7. UWSStudent says:

      Anyone know what is going in on Columbus btwn 87th and 88th? Looks like a bar of some kind.

      • Christine E says:

        It was supposed to be a bar, but last I heard, Bella Luna will move into that space (currently diagonally across at 88th and Columbus, lost their lease). It is nice to see that block finally filling up. Now we just need some action on Columbus between 86 and 87. The 2 east corners have been vacant too long.