crash 96
Photo by Ernie Fritz.

A sedan and a taxicab collided in the middle of the intersection of 96th street and West End Avenue shortly after noon on Monday, and two people were taken to the hospital with injuries. The FDNY got the call at 12:27, a spokesperson said.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

West End was redesigned in 2014 in part because of the high number of crashes around 96th street (including deadly crashes at 95th and 97th).

crash 96-2
Photo by Jay Bergman.

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    1. Eli says:

      The damage to the vehicles doesn’t look like they were driving at 25mph!

    2. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      Unfortunately the city rarely enforces speed limits, and motorists know this.

    3. Janice says:

      Drivers always try to make the light at that intersection. I think if lights going one way was timed to go to red a minute before the other direction, it might prevent some of these problems (yes, it also would be a pain in the neck for drivers, but still..)

    4. Lucette says:

      Redesign of streets and traffic lights are not the problem it is drivers who want to use every last second to get where they are going so they can look at some FLATSCREEN.

    5. Bloomingdaler says:

      We need dedicated turn signals – – – particularly LEFT turn signals – – – on all four sides of this intersection. That should have been obvious from the start.

      I’m very surprised this doesn’t sort of collision happen more frequently. This intersection is getting more perilous for both pedestrians AND drivers. It’s downright scary crossing here, both on foot and behind a steering wheel.

    6. Kindly Dr Dave says:

      I’ve driven this intersection many times and turns are terrifying! Westbounders and Northbounders are all driving like there will be no tomorrow. Dedicated left turn signals are a great idea!

    7. Native NYC says:

      CB7 has screwed up all of WEA with the re-design. It has caused more traffic and more aggressive driving. The 90’s are the worst.

    8. Mary says:


      There are dedicated LEFT turn signals at that intersection.

      Most of the problems that occur at this intersection have to do with plain, simple, geography. Three down-facing hills converge at this one place. I know that sounds defeatist, but some of this is “baked in” Perhaps, much bigger redesigns are needed which allow for left hand turns at other intersections blocks away. But, as long as there a few options to the motorist in choosing another way to go, this intersection, will remain a dangerous place — and a dangerous place for pedestrians who can not go “a few extra blocks” to cross the street.

    9. joe says:

      As someone who has driven that intersection as a driver and passenger thousands of times, I can tell you that it comes down to two main issues: (1) highway entrance/exit and (2) its a valley. Drivers are speeding either to beat the light to get to the highway, or are used to speeding coming off the highway. And cars are coming downhill from multiple directions — its an accident waiting to happen. Contrast with WEA and 86th street where there are few accidents. There is no highway entrance/exit there, so there are no highway drivers to contend with. So long as that intersection remains a 4-way intersection and its a route to the highway we will continue to see accidents.

    10. dannyboy says:


      I agree with your assessment of the two main issues at the intersection:(1) highway entrance/exit and (2) its a valley.

      However I do not then just accept and go along with “Drivers…speeding either to beat the light to get to the highway, or are used to speeding coming off the highway.”

      It is those behaviors which must be curtailed. I am sure that no one believes that the drivers should just continue as they have.

      Too many dead and lives ruined to not stop that.

    11. Observation noted says:

      Not saying it’s the cause but it should be pointed out, especially when the pictures shows evidence of it (and at some distance from the fender-bender in Bergman’s pic)). When it doesn’t rain for an extended period of time, oil from vehicles tends to get absorb by the pavement. Once it rains, oil rises to the top (as shown in the pics), which can lead to a thin film of oil (similar to black ice). Good luck trying to break on it, even more luck to you when speeding.

    12. Upper West Side Wally says:

      Ergo, the city is responsible?

    13. Upper West Side Wally says:

      Indeed, more like 15 mph.

    14. ralphy says:

      I live on west 96 and columbus and always see these green cabs flying to catch the traffic light.. nothong against cabbies but as a driver in this area i have seen them doing over 40 easy.