trump fire2

A massive fire broke out Saturday around 12:20 p.m. on a 21st-floor terrace at 100 Riverside Boulevard, a luxury apartment building at 65th street overlooking the Hudson River.

Sixty firefighters raced to the scene and had the fire under control by 1:03 p.m., an FDNY spokesman told us. Although NBC had initially reported there was one injury, the spokesman told us there were no injuries.

Charles Crandall, who could see the blaze from his apartment, said he saw the man in the photo above opening the cover of a hot tub on the terrace after the fire started. It’s not clear what caused the fire.

trump fire

Photos above by Victor Ruiz.

Video by Sean Bot.

trump fire6
Photo by Charles Crandall.

trump fire4
Photo by Michelle Hill from Riverside Park.

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    1. Randi says:

      Praying that the person on the balcony is ok

    2. ScooterStan says:

      THIS should be an interesting one for either FDNY or Department of Buildings investigators to figure out!

      1) what the heck burned so fiercely with such ugly (and probably toxic) black smoke?;

      2) was it LEGAL to have such flammable items on the deck of a multi-unit structure when most buildings will not allow even a simple non-electric barbecue grill?;

      3) what was the source of ignition, as things usually do not self-immolate, even on Riverside Boulevard.

      Hopefully the residents of these chi-chi buildings are NOT immune from some municipal probing…and, perhaps, hefty municipal fines!

      • LK says:

        Are you not capable of feeling sympathy towards all people or just the ones living in “chi-chi” buildings?

        • ScooterStan says:

          You really ought to read MORE CAREFULLY and perhaps “between the lines!

          The above comment was intended to MOCK the residents in “chi-chi” buildings…a sentiment very much aligned with the zeitgeist (look it up…try!)

          As for reading “between the lines” do this:
          1. Stand before a mirror;
          2. Hold up your right hand;
          3. Fold down the thumb, forefinger, fourth finger, and pinky;.
          4. Leave middle finger upright;
          5. Read “between the lines”!

      • TrumpCard says:

        It has already been announced that the fire was caused by a building hot tub. Thus the plastic-burning smoke. It was put out very quickly.

        • Kindly Dr Dave says:

          Oh, come on! Even Donnie Trump won’t install a “building hot tub”. Some 1% yuppies put in a hot tub on their own and then got the brilliant Saturday morning idea to fill it with Stoli. Don’t smoke cigars at the same time, guys! Stoli and stogies = SCORCHIES!

    3. lucette says:

      most of the comments sound idiotic.