ps 87

School officials now say that there does not appear to have been a creep parked outside PS 87 offering kids candy to lure them into his black SUV.

PS 87 Principal Monica Berry sent out an email to parents today saying the school had looked into the allegations made by two children:

“After the investigation, it was determined that the allegation was unfounded.

While the children involved were not in danger of being lured away by a stranger, this situation reminds us of the importance of talking to our children about what to do if they are approached by a stranger.  We should also point out that the children who reported the alleged incident did the right thing.  It is important that we all look out for one another and to protect the members of our community.”

Today is the last day of public school.

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    1. maryjane says:

      if the kids made phony allegations, they should be punished.

      • zeus says:

        In olden days, the kids who spread the lies would have gotten a mild licking, and that would have taught them and the other kids not to lie again.

        Of course, in today’s PC world, the kids, most likely will be congratulated on having a ripe imagination, and will be Ninja Turtles heros to themselves, their parents and their peers.

    2. Alice Murphy says:

      Please do whatever is necessary to protect OUR children in our wonderful & safe neighborhood.

    3. Joey says:

      So this was just something made up by those two kids. Ok, lovely story to get attention and to worry people for nothing.

    4. D.R. says:

      I’m clear that the school had no choice, but to publicize this promptly — and even before they could launch an investigation.

      I’m worried, though, about just how — and why — the kids came up with this story.