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A dog named Molly who was walking with her owners last Wednesday in Riverside Park around 83rd street got spooked by the fireworks that were shot off as part of the New York Philharmonic concert in Central Park. She bolted away and was last seen around 96th and Riverside.

Please call 917-838-4401 if you see her.

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    1. Chris says:

      HI there,

      I was just walking my dog in Riverside Park at 82nd street, and think I saw your dog Molly with an East Asian woman about 5’5 in a brown dress, she took the dog up 81st street from Riverside Drive, around 6:50pm. Hope that helps! Best of luck to you!

    2. Bruce says:

      I just spoke to the dog owner. He had seen the posting on West Side Rag (from Chris), but that was a neighbor of his with a similar looking dog. (Nice for looking, Chris!)

      To Chris and others, please CALL the phone number if you see the dog. (still missing) I just had seen the posting you made and I was thinking that if it had been the right dog, the owner may not see the posting for many hours…and loses the chance to find the missing dog!

      Good luck and hopefully safe returns! We all hope to get an update of good news.

      • Lynn says:

        Could I ask who is doing the updates on this page? I tried posting directly on the owner’s FB page and it was removed. There was another post by someone suggesting that the owner expand her search area, because their dog was lost in the Sheep Meadow found it’s way all the way to the GW Bridge, and that post was also removed. Is it possible they have found the dog and aren’t doing follow ups?

    3. Bill says:

      Thx WSR for posting

    4. Gabi Schnabl says:

      Thank you, Chris! We checked the lead – it was not Molly :(.
      But thanks for letting us know. Hopefully next time it’s her!!! Keep your eyes and ears open – please.

      This is our official Molly Page:

      Every like is much appreciated.

      Thank you!!!

      • Lynn says:

        Thank you everyone for the replies. Gabi, I’m so sorry to hear that Molly is still missing. I think now that my post may have been on the WestSideRag FB page, but not sure about the other post. I would definitely go with their suggestion though and expand your search area especially if Molly is shy and hiding in the underbrush. Would the parks dept help you search for her?

    5. guy_on_the_corner says:

      I hope you find your dog, but a leash would have prevented this from happening.

      • lynn says:

        I didn’t realize that Molly wasn’t on a leash but even dogs on leashes can bolt and run, or break a leash. One of my dogs got off leash because of a faulty latch but she wasn’t a runner, there was a Boston Terrier lost in Central Park ON a leash and the leash eventually tangled him in a bush so he couldn’t go any further, and the dog that ran all the way to the GW Bridge started off on a leash. Luckily both of those dogs were found. Speak to any dog walker and you’d be surprised at how often this happens. Good luck to everyone who’s helping in the search for Molly right now!

    6. Christine J says:

      Having “lost” a dog on my watch who bolted when I was fostering him many years ago in Atlanta, I know from first-hand experience that this is an incredibly excruciating and horrific time for Molly’s parents and I am so sorry. For you, for Molly. Sending every best wish possible and hope that she comes home to you safely. I am so sorry……

    7. sputnik says:

      Sad news: I just looked at the Facebook page for Molly and there’s a post saying she had been found, but “did not make it.”

      Gabi, I am so, so sorry for your loss.