slashing 73rd
The block where the slashing occurred, as of 8:45 a.m.

A man was slashed at West 73rd street and Amsterdam Avenue around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, according to the NYPD.

There was a dispute between the victim and two other men, an NYPD spokesman told us. “We’re not sure if they knew each other or the nature of the dispute,” the spokesman said. The victim was “slashed several times on the upper torso and neck.”

He was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in stable condition.

The perpetrator fled in an unknown direction. He is described as a light-skinned Hispanic man in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Police are also searching for the third man, who may have fled with the perpetrator. Police did not have the exact location of the slashing.

If you have information, call the NYPD Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS, use the Crime Stoppers website, or text tips to 274637 (CRIMES) and enter TIP577.

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    1. Paris Wyome says:

      This is truly scary. I was at that corner about 3:30 am this monring on my way to my apt. with a friend. All parts of the UWS are getting dangerous. I guess I will limit my walking after dark on the UWS. Where are the cops?

      • Robyn says:

        How true !! There are so many incidents lately and I never see any police presence!!! This is very scary, I’ve been living on the upper west side for 5 years now and the last two have seen higher reports of crime. What is happening!!

      • Christina says:

        Do you realize how many cops it would take to patrol all areas of the city at 3:30 am. Let alone the cost. I never walk the streets at that hour. I either take a cab or get home earlier. Just being street smart.

    2. AC says:

      That particular area has always been sketchy , , , for those who remember the 60’s & 70’s – right across from ‘Need Park’. Sometimes I’m forced to exit at the 72nd street station in the wee hours and walk uptown. Late night drunks + vagrants trying to gain some sleep on the nearby benches = Trouble.
      The Two-O is ware of this area and they should have more patroling officers (on foot) during their overnight shift (instead of doubling parking themselves along Riverside Park). Police presence is the biggest deternt in crime. At a minimum, our community reps should push for more lighting, as the trees tend to block the street light(s).

    3. NY says:

      de Blasio is what’s happening. That’s why there is less police presence and higher crime.

      • dahlia sillls says:

        Agreed The Mayor had alienated the police. he is making it easy for crime to occur and he then says something stupid ” NYERS JUST DONT GET ME” OMG

      • Christina says:

        Excuse me but there never were many if any cops on the street at that hour. It has Nothing to do with De Blasio! Get real!

    4. Off Duty says:

      Over a hundred years ago, New Yorkers allowed a corrupt politician named Sullivan basically gut the Second Amendment with his “Sullivan Law” He didn’t get this local law passed in the interests of the law-abiding citizens of NYC. He did it because some mobsters were directly threatening to kill him.
      But most of you UWS lemmings seem perfectly pleased that you are at a tactical disadvantage to the criminal element. You deserve your insecurity. You’ve earned it.

      • jezbel says:

        To “Off Duty”. You’ve a knuckly-dragging idiot if you believe that the slight rise in crime on the UWS is because someone 100 years ago may have correctly interpreted the 2ond Ammendment. People without weapons is the answer. I believe people with guns and weapons is the problem. There has always been/and will always be issues with deranged and mentally unstable people in society. It will never change. Stuff happens. Take safety precausions, try to be off the streets at 3:30AM if possible. If not always keep in the back of your mind that this is primetime crazy hour.

        • Lisa says:

          It would be nice if there were no weapons. But it’s a utopian ideal that will never reflect reality. Anyone who thinks that laws will keep weapons out of crazy and/or evil people’s hands is delusional. Criminals by definition don’t follow the law. They will always find a way, no matter what kind of laws are passed or what restrictions are put in place.

          • Off Duty says:

            Lisa…Precisely. Gun/weapons control laws do NOT serve the law abiding. And the delusional supporters of such restrictive gun laws somehow think that criminals are even capable of READING these absurd laws, let alone obey them?

        • Off Duty says:

          To jezebel. Please feel free to take a long walk off a short pier.
          As a delusional low-life POS, you are lost, in every which way and do not merit the time it would take to rip you apart.

          • Howard Freeman says:

            What neighborhood/town do you live in, and do you work in law enforcement?

            • Off Duty says:

              Howie….You need my resume and cancelled mortgage checks to make a point?

      • David says:

        Spot on.

    5. Lisa says:

      This is disturbing. I agree, the park outside the subway station at 72nd, while lovely to have in the neighborhood, does attract a certain element, particularly at night. Still, despite the debate about statistics (which can be massaged a number of ways to basically show whatever they want it to show), it definitely feels like crime is on the upswing on the UWS. I’ve also noticed a post office box on 73rd between Amsterdam and Columbus completely covered in graffiti in the last month. As all police will tell you, that’s the first sign that crime is on its way up.

    6. hf says:

      I’m by no means a fan of the mayor but the reason why there are more and more issues happening on the UWS is due to the previous mayor allowing for the over saturation of homeless and transitional housing in the area. There is only so much any one community could absorb of homeless shelters disguised as SRO’s.

    7. UWSider says:

      Have also noticed no police presence in Riverside Park. Was at Pier 1 cafe last night and saw a group of teens on bikes riding all over the pier throwing trash and speeding. No bikes are allowed in that area!

      • Christina says:

        As far as I could tell there has never been police presence at pier 1 cafe and I’ve been going there since it’s existence and even prior when it was owned by PD O’Hurleys

    8. Angie says:

      Robyn, you’ve only been living here for five years.. I’ve been living in this neighborhood for 26 years. It’s getting can’t control crime. It will always happen even in the best neighborhoods. I always watch my back anywhere I go.. You can’t let your guard down.

    9. AC says:

      I’ve lived on the same UWS block all my life. I have lived through seven mayors covering the last 45+ years and there are three things that I have learned from this experience:
      1) NYC crime waves are like no other in the US.
      2) A steady and constant police presence always seems to keep crime low.
      3) Aggressive action against ‘quality of life’ crimes or what is known today as “broken windows” has a positive effect on keep crime down.

      I have no issue with ‘Stop & Frisk.’ I am Latino, professional, and have been stopped in the past. They asked for my ID. I had nothing to lose or hide, and so I quickly obliged. Even thanked the officer for keeping our community safe. In return, I was thanked for cooperating. In reality, NYC has a greater number of white collar criminals than any other major city in the US. A crime is a crime, and they all need to be fought, big, small, rich, or poor!

      • Steve says:

        It is nice for you that you have no problem with the cops stopping you for no reason and asking for ID. The problem is that the United States Constitution specifically prohibits that kind of policing behavior.

        I know folks will happily give up the right not to be frisked if they can be safer. But we’re really not allowed to (metaphorically) vote away our collective constitutional rights. Totalitarian governments can keep crime down with ironclad control but that is not how this country was established.