Amused Interior
Photo of Amused interior courtesy of a restaurant rep.

Dig your teeth into string bean frites, steak, barbequed meats and more in today’s edition of Upper West Side restaurant openings.

Amused opened this past weekend at 142 West 83rd street in the space that was occupied by Say Cheese, which served kid-friendly (and adult-friendly) fare like grilled cheese sandwiches and sno-cones. Amused is run by the same owners who opened Say Cheese and run a catering company out of the building called Scoozi Events. It will be open for dinner, brunch and drinks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and plans to launch “weeknight popup dinners and private events” in the sprin.

The menu at Amused has the same whimsical quality. It includes: “Pig in a Pretzel, elegant one-bite pigs in a blanket featuring a kosher beef hot dog inside a pretzel bun, topped with housemade mesquite-smoked chunky mustard. Other standout starters include the Ramen Noodle Carbonara with pork belly (humorously presented in an instant ramen carton); crispy String Bean Frites; and General Zoe’s Cauliflower with a spicy sesame-Sriracha glaze.”

Brother Jimmy’s is set to open in the former home of Ditch Plains at 100 West 82nd street, moving from its current home at 428 Amsterdam Avenue, the Post reported. The Ditch Plains space can seat 225. That’s a lot of pulled pork!

harlem pizza co

Harlem Pizza Co. has opened at 135 West 116th street (116th and Adam Clayton Powell, about a block west of the 2/3 stop)). “They do gourmet pizzas (whole no slices) with toppings like fennel sausage and tallegio cheese (in addition to classics like margherita), salads, calzones, and cool vintage sodas in glass bottles. Have applied for a liquor license. They also have an amazing mosaic-tiled brick oven, and the exec chef was formerly at Donatella restaurant in Chelsea (Donatella Arpaia’s place). It’s a great place!” wrote Karen, a friend of the owners.

A steakhouse with high expectations is set to open in the former home of PicNic at 2665 Broadway (101st street) — the “Didn’t think so” is a little presumptuous! Damon sent in a photo of the sign below. Update: as commenters pointed out below, Schatzie the Butcher is moving into this spot and will also open a burger spot.

steak on broadway

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    1. EL says:

      I think that this last item requires further investigation. My understanding is that Schatzie the Butcher is moving to this spot. And, in addition to being a butcher shop, it will serve burgers.

    2. Michael says:

      What EL said. Schatzie has a sign in their window — they’re moving April fool’s day. And some vaguely familiar local news source covered it a month ago ( To be fair, they do sell great prime steak and will cut it however you ask.

    3. Rodger Lodger says:

      Yes, I’ve had great prime meat to my liking. Bought at Citeralla, cooked at home in iron pan — many times. And I get to speak to the chef as much as I like.

    4. Victoria says:

      Finally a steak house in the UWS! this is what was needed. Born and Raised on the UWS a steak house is needed!! Stoked! Hopefully we can have more traditional steak houses instead of all these cafes thats unnecessary like the one on 97th and broadway!!

    5. Rick Cohen says:

      Any update on Bareburger on Columbus, opposite Whole Foods? The sign was illuminated on anyone home?

    6. SR says:

      Brother Jimmy’s at the former Ditch Plains location???? Wow! So basically, the cops won’t have to go far to arrest the drunken patrons that normally stumble out of there. Can’t wait until one doofus takes a leak on the side of the precint building while his friends take selfies during his arrest. Location may change but the patrons won’t. Good riddance from Amsterdam though.

      • Jean says:

        Great – I live on that block and don’t think that it is a good place for a rowdy bar. Leave it on Amsterdam where all the others are. As it is, we wake up many times at night with drunken kids on the block – this will only make that worse.

        • SR says:

          You could always work with your neighbors to petition to make sure that Brother Jimmys keeps their clientele inside, orderly when outside, and in general non-invasive. Use 311. Don’t hesitate to be a thorn in their side if they become one in yours. Sorry that you will be living near it.

    7. elbo says:

      Industrial meat cut to order is still industrial meat. It would be wonderful if a butcher such as Dickson’s, Hudson & Charles or Harlem Shambles selling humanely-raised meat with a locally-controlled supply chain would open on the UWS.