106 bway crash

An 86-year-old woman was hit by a vehicle turning onto Broadway at 106th street around 6 p.m. on Friday, sending her to the hospital with injuries that authorities said didn’t appear to be critical.

The following account is from Captain Timothy Malin of the 24th precinct:

The actions of both the pedestrian and the driver contributed to the accident. According to witnesses, the driver of the car was making a wide turn and trying to get around a bus that was also turning from 106th on to Broadway.  However, the pedestrian was crossing outside of the crosswalk (by about 20-30 feet) when she was struck.  The pedestrian suffered some scrapes, and bleeding from her nose, and was taken to St. Lukes Hospital as a precaution.  The initial assessment from EMS is that she was NOT critically injured.

The witness who sent the photo above did not see the crash itself but wrote “Person laying on the ground about 10 feet outside the crosswalk and PD asking if anyone saw it. Intersection cleared in about 40m.”

A woman was killed at that intersection three years ago, and weeks later a college student was hit there and ended up in critical condition.

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    1. I think the critical issue is the congestion and sheer number of cars in the city.

      Vision Zero and its well-meaning lowering of the speed limit to 25mph theoretically lowers injuries and deaths, but practically, the “group” mentality of drivers keep them moving fast. What we need is fewer cars, which could be achieved with congestion pricing and higher tolls coming into the city.

      City and Albany partnership is needed on this, along with strong-spined legislators.

      • Robert says:

        I could not disagree more strongly. Vision Zero could have lowered the speed limit to 1mph and still this woman would have been hit, as she was walking 20 to 30 feet outside the crosswalk and therefore did not have the right of way. Its not clear if she was “J”walking but it would appear that way.

        • DMH says:

          The details are confusing – the 86-year-old woman was laying 10 feet outside the crosswalk after she was hit, but was 20-30 feet from the crosswalk when the driver hit her?

          I take a tougher view on the drivers speed and accountability though. Try explaining to your car insurance company that a collision was unpreventable, because the slow-moving thing you drove into as you made a wide blind turn around a bus ‘wasn’t supposed to be there.’ Bonus fun, ask your mechanic to fix all the damage to your car for the same price, whether you hit something at 45, 30, 20, 10, or 1 mph.

    2. Siddhartha V. says:

      Ah yes, another “aggressive pedestrian.”

    3. Any Body says:

      J walking does not give a car the “right of way”, the car left the scene!! Any injury to an 86 year old woman is critical- she’s one tough lady if she’s ok!!

    4. DP says:

      First of all, it’s “jaywalking.”

      Second, apparently neither party had the right of way. These incidents are unfortunate, but as much as drivers need to slow down and watch where they are going, pedestrians need to get their heads out of their asses when they cross.

      • Jane says:

        Pedestrians have the right of way legally in this case.

        • Eric says:

          I live, walk, and drive in this neighborhood.

          Right-of-way is a great thing to have during the lawsuit but in the REAL world of the upper west side the only way to prevent these tragedies is for drivers and bikers to slow down and be hyper-aware of what’s going on around them (no matter who has the right-of-way) and for pedestrians to start crossing ONLY at the green and ONLY with the light instead of meandering through roadways with strollers while texting.

          It is frightening to see the disconnect people on the UWS have between the accidents they decry and the walking-cycling-driving behavior they exhibit.

    5. Pedestrian says:

      First, to an 86 year old any injury can be live changing or life ending.

      The problem with drivers is that they have no patience. I have seen drivers bursting through red lights and beeping loudly to encourage other drivers to ignore walk signs and harass pedestrians.

      It is time drivers started to realize the cars they drive are weapons as well as transportation vehicles.

      I hope the lady who was hit recovers quickly.

    6. SSP says:

      I’m sorry about the accident.
      But please, people, don’t use laying when you should use lying.

    7. carol mills says:

      It is really sad but unfortunately most people don’t know the difference between the sidewalk and the street.

    8. John Greene says:

      It sounds like this could be a potentially dangerous intersection. Thankfully the woman’s injuries appear to be minor.