variazioni closing

There have been quite a few retail store closings in recent weeks on the Upper West Side, along with a few openings to anticipate.

Women’s clothing store Variazioni store on 88th and Broadway has a for rent sign on the window. Thanks to Rebecca Frey for the tip and photo.

La-di-da Boutique, a jewelry and accessories store on Broadway between 88th and 89th is closing after 17 years, Laurel tells us.

Olde Good Things appears likely to lose its lease for its store on Columbus between 81st and 82nd. We had heard a tip about this last month and this listing shows brokers are marketing for the space. They’re looking for $35,000 a month. An employee told DNAinfo that Olde Good things is still trying to negotiate to stay. The store was recently criticized over an orphanage it funds in Haiti.

The Westside Health and Fitness Club at 97th and West End Avenue has had problems with heat, pool closures, television service and more since ownership changed from the old Paris Gym, according to several members who have written to us. A manager at the club assured us that any disruptions were temporary, but we continued to hear complaints as of a week ago. And today we hear the pool remains closed. Said one member: “To say that people are totally frustrated is an understatement.”

Marshalls has placed its sign on The Larstrand, the new building at 77th and Broadway. We first reported about the store last year.

Easy Spirit Shoes at 81st and Broadway closed this past weekend, and will supposedly reopen in March, says an anonymous tipster.

Cosmetics store Rituals is close to opening at 420 Columbus Avenue, between 80th and 81st. To apply for a job email


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    1. JEAN MENSING says:

      Ehrlichs Liquor store on the corner of 70th and Amsterdam still has not reopened even tho was supposed to reopen in Feb.

      • Walter Jadobsen says:

        Anybody know what’s up with Ehrlich’s Liquor store? I haven’t heard anything about their leaving, or a new tenant coming in. Wouldn’t like to lose Ehrlich’s, it’s convenient and been around as long as I’ve lived on the UWS.

    2. NikFromNYC says:

      How did you do it, UWS Marxists?

      The only big antique and retro reproduction mega display floor is now on the run?

      Oh, but we must ban fracking, you see!

      Yeah, that’s somehow bad.


      Everything that’s good.

      That’s bad.

    3. Gikell says:

      The problems at the Paris/Westside Fitness Club persist but the club is twisting arms to have people sign a binding contract anyway now or face initiation fees and their locks being clipped. Still no pool, and the city has told members that there’s NO reason for it to remain closed. The new management has no phone numbers on its web page. Suspicions and defections abound — and with ample reason.