Forecasters expect wind speeds to reach 5o mph or more on Tuesday and Wednesday and the Buildings Department is urging contracto0rs to secure items at construction sites and homeowners to take care of any loose items on balconies. If you see construction sites or other property that looks vulnerable to high winds, call 311.

This is from the Buildings Department:

The National Weather Service forecasts possible rain and high winds with gusts up to 50 mph for the New York City area from Tuesday, November 26 to Wednesday, November 27 2013.  In preparation for the windy weather, the Department is reminding all builders, contractors, and property owners to secure their construction sites and buildings. The Department will be performing random spot-check inspections of construction sites around the City. If sites are not safely secured, the Department will take immediate enforcement action with the issuance of violations and Stop Work Orders if necessary.

These winds may reach higher speeds than forecast depending on the area of the City. Property owners must consider the safety of their buildings and construction sites, including cranes, suspended and supported scaffolding, hoists and any other building appurtenances that may come loose from exposure to high winds. Structures that have been subject to deferred maintenance or are in delicate condition could be at greater risk. The Department suggests consulting a professional to advise how to secure construction sites and buildings.

To secure a building, property owners should take all precautionary measures including but not limited to the following:

New Yorkers are encouraged to call 311 to report non-compliant conditions or 911 to report emergencies at construction sites or buildings. New Yorkers who suspect a building or property has been structurally compromised should call 911.

Under §28-301.1 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, property owners are legally obligated to maintain their properties in a safe condition.  Department weather advisories are strictly a courtesy to remind property owners to prepare their properties for inclement weather and cannot be read to suggest that the Department, rather than the property owner, is responsible for maintaining his or her property.”

For contractors:

“To safeguard construction sites, builders, contractors and developers should take all precautionary measures including but not limited to the following:

Buildings Bulletin 2010-019 outlines the requirements for vertical netting, debris netting and material fall protection devices at buildings and construction sites.”

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