energy kitchen

Energy Kitchen, a chain of healthy fast food restaurants, abruptly closed its all of its restaurants in New York and Long Island a few days ago, including the one on 72nd street between Broadway. The company announced the decision on its website, but didn’t offer an explanation.

“We have made the difficult decision to close all of our NYC and Long Island locations – so it’s time for Energy Kitchen to say good-bye to all of our loyal customers. Thank you so much for your support over the years – it has been our pleasure to serve you!”

The 72nd street location had recently been renovated. It opened about two years ago.

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    1. Darrell says:

      I live on W 73 St. and never noticed the place when walking on 72 St. It joins a growing number of West Side places that have bit the dust recently. Maybe another yogurt and smoothie shop will take its place. Hope not.

    2. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: “a chain of healthy fast food restaurants,”

      Ummm…putting the words healthy and fast food together…isn’t that an OXYMORON … sorta like ‘government intelligence’ ???

      And, if this chain of fast food restaurants was so healthy, then why did it close?

      — curious on WEA

      • webot says:

        I assume you are being funny Stan.

        But that was the concept, healthy food, quickly at affordable prices.

        Clearly they had issues getting that message across. It really was a good concept with good food and yes much healthier then your typical burger and fries fast food place.

        It is a shame they didn’t make it. New York is a tough town to do business.

        • NYCEd says:

          Indeed, Webot!

          Their fries were baked, the rolls were whole wheat, and they offered terrific burgers – vegetable, turkey and, bison. Nothing in the place surpassed 500 calories – quite a feat. Damn! We’ll miss them!!

        • wombatNYC says:

          Scooter Stan – Enough already. Your posts are annoying

          • Scooter Stan says:

            Awwwww…too bad!

            Please feel free to NOT read them if they annoy you!

            And also feel free to NOT infringe on my freedom of speech in a public forum just as i would never infringe on yours.


            • egg says:

              A point of pedantry: No one is assured or granted freedom of speech online. The rallying cry of Freedom of Speech! happens a lot on the internet. An erroneous fallacy, as the internet is in no way constitutionally bound. (It is also, in no way, a singularly USA-based entity.)

              The internet is a conglomeration of private entities who provide space for individuals to engage; it is the privilege of these private entities to arbitrate what can and can’t be said, not any visitor’s “inalienable rights.” There is no infringement here! Only someone getting ruffled and you being able to state your opinion, and you being given allowance to state them. Up to and until those in charge of any website decides to censor, shut down, or delete any given comments/conversations.

    3. Luke says:

      I loved the concept and ate there several times last year. Then had some really bad chicken so I never went back.

      NY delis are “fast food” too, so not clear what their advantage was.