160 West 62nd street as of a month and a half ago.

The application process to live in one of the 68 affordable units in the new luxury rental building at 160 West 62nd street has begun, and those who are selected via lottery could pay rents as low as $553.

The market-rate units in the building, which is on the corner of West End Avenue, will rent for much more money — two-bedrooms are expected to rent for $10,000. Developers get special breaks when they agree to make 20% of the units in a building available to lower-income renters.

Just like at the Larstrand, these units are for people making quite a bit less than the area median income. For a studio, the applicant can’t earn more than 30,100, for instance. And a three-person family applying for a two-bedroom can’t earn more than $38,700. For some apartments the income limits are even lower.

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Check out more details here and download an application here.

Deadlines are approaching fast. You can download the application or request an application by mail (by sending a postcard via first class mail to: West 62nd Street Apartments, 1357 Broadway, Box 309, New York, NY 10018) and your request must be postmarked by Dec. 13. Completed applications must be postmarked by January 3. Be sure to read all the fine print!

You can read our last article about the building and the adjacent Fordham Law School here.

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    1. wmbayNYC says:

      Perfect exmaple of the middle class being run out of town. You either have to make lots of money or very little money– What about all those folks who make $80K to 150K.. Plenty of money in other parts of the country but in NYC this is the poor middle class range

      • wendy says:

        sorry but it’s hard to feel for people who only make “$80 – 150k”. This is not “poor middle class”. Get real! Those are people who make a pretty good living by my definition! I earn way less than that and I’m managing to make a go of it. I don’t take cabs, I don’t eat out at restaurants that cost $25 an entree, don’t spend $150 for a theatre ticket, don’t shop for shoes at Harry’s, etc. No one is holding a gun to their heads to live in the most expensive parts of Manhattan! They can easily find housing elsewhere that’s more affordable. Look in Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, Riverdale, etc.

        These 80/20 deals are good for the developers who get to defer paying taxes for many years. And it allows retirees, and other hard working but low-income folks to live in Manhattan. The real problem is that there isn’t any new affordable rental housing being built – Bloomberg never dealt with it except his recent plan to build micro studio apts in the East 20s (which will be for young single people) – Hopefully DeBlasio will.

        n.b.; these applications are very complicated and difficult to fill out – it will naturally weed out those who can’t navigate them.

        • Bella says:

          you are right about the applications being complicated. well, not really complicated but very detailed with little room for error. and i can only imagine this is done purposely to ween out those who do not belong.

      • shanay boone says:

        I agree with you 1,000%!

    2. Vic Vinegar says:

      If I was paying $10,000 for an apartment in this building but the person next door was paying less than $1000, i would be freakin livid!
      How is this acceptable?

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        so, Vic, it would be ok with you if you were paying 10K a month if the person NEXT TO you was also getting ripped off?

        • westSider says:

          Bruce stop twisting words around!

          you fail to see the big picture as usual.

          yes rents and costs are outrageous.

          But, subsidizing a select group of special interests does not make things cheaper, it actually makes units more scarce and more expensive for everyone else.
          The developer does get tax abatements here, which means we all are subsidizing these tenants.

          And there by definition are poor people. Society should not be rewarding failure by giving them glossy new apartments. That is my opinion Bruce. you cannot change it, as I cannot change yours. So lets agree to disagree. But know that even liberals on the UWS have their breaking points.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            Of course i didn’t “twist words.” I just asked a question… a logical one. apparently when you can’t answer a question you fall back on accusing people of “twisting words.”

            you and the other right wing ranters would have more credibility if you complained about the subsidy of rich people. let’s start with the mortgage interest deduction. yuor 1% friends are getting far higher housing subsidies than any of these affordable units.

            your claim that bringing NEW subsidized units onto the market “makes units more scarce” is ridiculous on the face of it. you are just repeating your dogmatic idea of “market economics” without examining what is actually happening here. these are NEW units.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            right wing ranter said:

            “And there by definition are poor people. Society should not be rewarding failure by giving them glossy new apartments.”

            it is interesting that you refer to low and moderate income people as “failures.” this is class warfare rhetoric. the income range is from 20K — 50K. this includes retired teachers and policement, grad students, post docs, some CUNY professors, adjuncts, and currently working NYC teachers and police officers. medical technicians, etc. not to mention minimum wage workers. All “failures” in your view of things.

            i have a very hard time with that way of thinking.

            • westSider says:

              and some are real losers, you never mention them: welfare queens, druggies, out of town homeless, violent criminals.

              BRUCE – tell us about the violent rapist from Texas who raped the elderly UWS bird watcher in the Park. lets talk about him. We gave him shelter merely because he came to the city as we do e everyone who does.

              this must stop. enough with the moochers having a field day at our expense.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              you think the people who are going to be moving into these affordable apartments, with verified incomes of 20K-50K per year, are:

              “welfare queens, druggies, out of town homeless, violent criminals” —

              or mentally deranged homeless people?

              you, sir or madam, have no sense of reality at all. i feel sorry for you.

          • Bella says:

            I have applied for an affordable apartment at this property.

            I’m from Harlem and I’ve lived in the city all my life. I am currently still living at home with my family. I’m 200% a Manhattan girl, and I HAVE to remain here, I cannot live anywhere else, not even another borough. I know that all true native Manhattanites have a love affair with the island and do not wish to abandon it. I’m a 27 year old woman, who graduated from college in 2010. I do work, I am a full-time temp. This is not (necessarily) by choice. I have not been able to find decent work since graduating from college, which I am qualified for. Unfortunately, a Bachelors Degree is the new High School Diploma. I do not wish to continue my education with graduate school, because who can afford that? I’d rather not have MORE debt than I already have. I have been working temp at the same company for a while, hoping they will hire me. My temp salary, which is obviously not much, allows me to qualify for this lottery. I do not make enough money to pay market rate rent in the lowest level areas of the NYC – not even Far Rockaway Queens! (not that I’d live there :-\). Without this affordable program, I’d be living at home forever. And my income is not the underlying problem. I have a friend who is single and makes $45K and cannot afford to pay market rate rent either, because she would rather not live paycheck to paycheck. I can assure you, I am NO “welfare queen, druggie, criminal..” I do not even qualify for welfare. I’m a TAX PAYER, and I do not even qualify for Medicaid, because I make too much money. I DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. I am not a person who is abusing the system at all, I am merely a casualty of it. I shared my life story to make my point more clear.
            Firstly, let me tell you that the application process to get an apartment via a city lottery IS NOT EASY. The city has nothing to do with the rental process, the city simply sets the income limits and helps market the lotteries. And even that is not done to appeal to the masses, because advertising is quite limited. The property management has the final say. The property management created the application and handles the interview process. The initial application is very detailed, with little room for error, to automatically ween people out. Contrary to what you think, they do not want druggies, welfare queens, etc living in their properties. I mean, you’re asking tenants to pay market rate rent, and you’re sticking a bunch of druggies & welfare recipients IN THEIR BUILDING?! Methinks not! This particular building is a Glenwood property, AND TRUST THEY DO NOT WANT RIFF RAFF OCCUPYING THEIR UNITS! After the initial 4-page application (which does ask for your SS# so they can run preliminary background, credit, criminal checks), there is a grueling interview process, which includes: an in-office interview where you are required to bring documentation proving identity, housing, employment and of course income. Should you meet all criteria, you move on to the final interview, an IN HOME INTERVIEW. Yes, Glenwood associates COME TO YOUR CURRENT HOME TO VIEW YOUR LIVING CONDITIONS. How far do you REALLY think a druggie/welfare queen would make it in this process? There are QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS who don’t make it, because this process is basically set up to DISQUALIFY people, because there are only 68 apartments, and THOUSANDS of applicants! Rest assured, I am not worried about it, I’ve got this in the bag 🙂 Because I am actually a HARD WORKING young woman, who has never tried to take advantage of the system, who has never had the luxury of being rich and able to move where I please within 1 of the priciest real estate markets in the country, who has never received a handout of any kind. I’m just a girl, who actually, legitimately, qualifies for this program. I didn’t ask the developers and the city to only make this type of housing available in luxury highrises. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that they did! This 80/20 program was created for people like me and I am THRILLED at the thought of being able to stay in Manhattan!
            A few other points: these “homeless out of towners” would never make the cut because preference is given to NYC residents. Furthermore, friends of mine have also applied for these opportunities, they also are not on welfare, or addicted to drugs – they are recent college graduates who have entry-level positions, or are self employed/small business owners. Bottom line, do I plan to be in this “low-income” position forever? of course not! But for now, I am thrilled that there actually is housing available to me 😀

        • say moi says:


      • Linda says:

        I don’t care so much about the subsidy. What bothers me is that the occupant of the subsidized apartment accross the hall from me plays loud music at full bass level before 7am. When I complain, my newspaper is mysteriously not delivered the next morning.

    3. PRL says:

      Ridiculous. If somebody (including me) can’t afford a an apartment that costs $10,000/month, then why should they (or I) be entitled to one? Everyone deserves a lucky break here and there, but it seems the incentive to work harder to keep up with the Joneses is being replaced by the hope of drawing a lucky number to live next to them.

    4. Francis says:

      Entitlement at its best. I am sorry, I attended grad school and can’t never afford this apartments. I make to much to qualified and too little to pay off my student debt.

    5. Peter says:

      Yet another example of how, increasingly, you have to be either rich and privileged or poor and lucky to live in the most desirable areas. Those of us who are professionals with a solidly middle class income must live on the fringes.

    6. nana says:

      The owners want $10,000 for 2 BR. That is insane. The location leaves much to be desired. First of all it is directly across from a somewhat dangerous public housing complex, and secondarily who wants to pay full rent to live with so many subsidized tenants.

      • say moi says:

        The biggest injustice, rip off to the tax payers is the large subsidies the owners of the buildings get!
        Everyone blindly taking in the theme of the story as usual, commenting on one group of renters versus another group… divide and conquer. Why not get real and challenge this injustice. The media have a habit of protecting the big guys! Banks, property magnates, presidents, special interests… while they do nothing to expose the real villains!

    7. westSider says:

      Great, more housing for the mooching class. making it more expensive for everyone who subsidizes them – including all of us taxpayers.

      the NYCHA projects across the street with thousands of units under $1000 /month is not enough? it never is..

      and this mayor will make it worse.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        as i’ve pointed out many times to the right wing ranter above, the people who get the LARGEST hosuing subsidies on the Upper West Side — by far — are those with 1.1 million and up mortgages. It’s called the Mortgage Interest deduction. not to mention the property tax breaks they get.

        why the continued venom against people in moderate income apts and public housing? take a time out.

    8. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      This public policy is a perfect illustration of the far left’s worldview that success in life is primarily a matter of luck. They’ve literally made it a lottery.

      The income limits are absurd.

    9. Jamie says:

      They do this to “balance the wealth” in the buildings…so that the obscenely rich arent the only ones living in the neighborhood…but as a middle class couple, we dont qualify for this opportunity because our joint income goes over the max limit…but when we get married next year, and want to start a family, we cant continue to afford to live on the UWS. Our apartment is great for a couple, but we cant raise a child here, and we cant afford a two bedroom in this neighborhood without an opportunity like this…but like i said, we make too much. Caught in the middle…dont make enough…make too much.

    10. pjrod says:

      I can’t believe what I’m reading in the comments section. The UWS is primarily liberal Democrat so I am assuming that many of you complaining about the insane subsidies also voted for Obama and maybe even our new Mayor Fidel Castro. Didn’t you know what this would lead to? Chickens are coming home to roost!

      • 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

        I think that the stereotypical view of the Upper West Sider as someone who blindly follows a progressive agenda is an anachronism. The issues have become complex enough that there are now a variety of political views. Even those who identify with the left have a strong pragmatist streak. Many of us pay high taxes and market-rate rent, which results in a different perspective than those who benefit from government programs and low, stabilized rents.

    11. Miryam says:

      #3. If you’re working harder to “keep up with the Joneses” then I suggest you might want to rethink your priorities. Are you happy being so consumer oriented?Are you enjoying your life and your work? Where’s the compassion for those who can barely eke out a living to survive and/or retire with some dignity?
      #2. I’m happy to be living in a diverse building that reflects the many levels of income in our city.

      As for the new mayor: You/we should all be behind him and urging him on to provide more Mitchell-Lama or similar style housing developments where the moderate/middle class can raise their families in some level of security and comfort, by paying reasonable rents and attending decent public schools. If you can’t afford market rate housing, get out there and join one of the many activist and advocacy groups that are lobbying Albany et al for better housing and real rent reform. If you can afford market-rate housing, what are you complaining about. Not everyone can. And our City needs workers of all kinds to make it run, not just bankers and business people. And the city does not pay most of its workers ‘market rate’ housing salaries. ‘Nuf said.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        Miryam: ’nuff said and “well said” by you. thanks for injecting reality and common sense into this discussion.

      • PRL says:


        Charity and empathy toward the less fortunate are virtues that everyone should have. But mandating income parity and forcibly balancing wealth among individuals are misguided endeavors. Let the markets and the rents take care of themselves.

        To your point about our Mayor-elect, it’s simple: based on his focus on playing Robin Hood instead of keeping our streets safe, I (and many others) choose not to not support him. That’s our prerogative.

        And by the way, it’s not for you or anyone else to tell me to rethink my priorities about why I wish to work hard. That’s why they’re MY priorities!

    12. pjrod says:

      Perhaps but redistribution of wealth and an dramatic increase in the “subsidies” offered to lower income households was a primary tenant of the Obama platform. If this did not appeal to UWS liberals, what did? The selling out of Israel or a fatally flawed healthcare system? In any event, if you voted Democratic in the national, state or local elections, you have no room to complain when it results in the circumstances surrounding 160 W 62nd St. Enjoy your new neighbors.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        “enjoy your new neighbors” — wow!! that says it all about where you are coming from. the lower incomes tenants are by definition by neighbors… that’s your point, right?

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          there was a typo in my post above. I meant to say “by definition BAD neighbors.”

          • westSider says:

            Don’t worry, nobody listens to your rants anyway.

            long live the mortgage tax deduction. the only FEDERAL program to benefit those who actually risk and invest their hard earn money

            • bruce Bernstein says:

              right wing WestSider says:

              “long live the mortgage tax deduction. the only FEDERAL program to benefit those who actually risk and invest their hard earn money”

              well, at least you’re honest. you’re in favor of subsidies for the rich by the govt — you just don’t like subsidies for the poor and middle classes.

              but the Mortgage Interest Deduction is far from the only Federal subsidiy for the rich. the tax code is awash in subsisides for the 1%. Let’s start with the carried interest tax credit, which is atually a subsidiy for the top 0.001%. Even Warren Buffett is sickened by it. I’m sure you love that subsidy as well.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              I’ve finally figured out your identity. You’re Scrooge McDuck!!

    13. westSider says:

      Bruce – you are a loser. one last reply.

      I am not a 1%, nor am I a republican.

      the federal mortgage tax deduction benefits everyone with a mortgage, therefore mostly middle and low classes and yes rich too.

      I do not like that the rich pay less percentage wise then everyone else. HOWEVER, the fact remains they pay more in taxes – the top 50,000 families pay 95% of the NY city income tax for one example. Stop demonizing and taking from those who are more successful then you.
      You are no better then them and should get out of their pockets and mine.


    14. Patricia says:

      It’s amazing that these odious comments are being made about 68 out of hundreds of apartments. That’s a crab in a barrel mentality. All except Bruce are upset with the wrong people. Why are you not upset with the rents that are being charged? Oh, I know.. the developers have a right to recoup their investment even if it’s on your back. You don’t have a problem with that as long as no one else has an opportunity. If I can’t have an apartment you can’t have one because I’m deserving and you’re not. Forget the fact that the developer pays no taxes on the property for over twenty years. I think he makes out like a fat rat. I’m a retired health care worker who worked for 30 years. I’m on a modest fixed pension. Am I OK for one of those ” subsidized apartments” or am I not worthy?

      • westSider says:

        well Patricia – as usual the lefties miss the point with zero understanding of basic economics.

        You want to be poor . that is fine. Just stop demanding handouts from everyone else. No one and I mean no one has a “right” to a new Manhattan apartment, especially when its subsidized by others. The city / state policy to waive taxes so that these 69 renters get steals is ridiculous. that tax money is all of ours , it pays for police , garbagemen, and other govt services for all. That is the crime here. Anyone who pays the highest taxes in the United States as all New Yorkers do, should be outraged. The developer has the right to build and charge what it wants, it should not get any subsidies, As a condo owner I pay crazy high taxes and yes get some of it back from the mortgage tax deduction, but only a little – (Bruce !!! I get a benefit! Bruce !!!!) and they keep going up and this developer does not pay so that a few get subsidized apartments? hell no!

        Also , contrary to Bruce’s beliief , I care about those with less, You could house thousands in less in demand locations at half the price!! Shoulldnt we spread the housing to many more people in less costly locations so we can house so many more?


      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        Nicely said, Patricia. the ugliness of WestSider’s personal attack — “you want to be poor” — is a sad comment on where he/she is coming from.

        as a retired health care worker, you have contributed immensely to the well being of this city and its population. (and the yuppies should learn that a “fixed income” does not mean “poor.”) it is people like you who built this city — not the rich yuppie lawyers and Wall Street types who are now trying to chase working people out of the UWS.

        i would be very happy to have someone like Patricia as my neighbor. we need more like her.

        by the way, the “Westsider” who made that comment is not the same as the writer for this web site. the commenter tries to hide behind the same screen monicker and it is misleading. Since he / she frequently launches personal attacks on people he / she disagrees with, i am surprised that the Web site allows him to use that misleading name.

        • westSider says:

          Bruce, I have said before, I first used this name not knowng that the owner used a similar one – not really that surprising in using a name with west side in it.

          I too would love love love to have Patricia as a neighbor. I do not condemn others for having no money, or having money – I merely say do not ask me or others to pay for you.

          Note your vitriol naming “yuppies” (bruce no one uses that moniker since the 80s). “yuppie lawyer” , “wall street types” , funny that you hate them so, yet want their money to subsidize you. You want them out yet want their money.

          Honest question Bruce, how old are you? if you are elderly in your 80s or more, I will stop responding to you. as I respect elders. If not, you really should know better.

          Also, you keep bringing up the mortgage tax deduction. Please keep in mind, that it is a deduction on taxes borrowers already paid. Also, you are aware that buyers in New York city pay transfer taxes to the city and state, AND a mortgage recording tax (2.875%). not to mention maintenance.

          okay enough for now. peace and love and happy holidays

      • pjrod says:

        I’m sure you’re a lovely person but in our free market system (yes, we still have one Mayor-elect Castro)you are not worthy to live in that building. Last I checked “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” has not replaced “In God We Trust” although I’m sure most of my neighbors here on the UWS would favor such a change.

    15. Hillary says:

      I believe that if the rich is going to get a tax break that they should follow through with their 20/80 program. I believe a minimum of 40 percent in the building.No discrimination. They have lied cheated and have gotten away with tax break with every president, they are kicking Blacks and Hispanic out of Harlem and Washington Heights. Greed will destroy us all. If we continue to work for pennies how do you expect us to pay rent.

      • John says:

        Westsider’s way of thinking is his problem and no one else’s. He believes that those who provide him with everything he owns, everything he needs to survive, food at the supermarket, those who serve him when he wants a nice dinner or a vacation, those who take his tickets in the airline, ring up his clothes, and everything else, don’t work as hard as he does. These people “want” to be poor. The people who chose careers that are meaningful to them, ie. social workers, etc. to help others who are less fortunate “want” to be poor. To him, these same people don’t “deserve” to live the life that he himself wants to live. He judges them without knowing them and victimizes himself because he worked so hard in life. He believes they are worth less than him because they make less than he does and generalizes a whole group of people based on their income. He does not know that he is angry at the wrong people. Westsider, these low-incomers are given an opportunity just like i’m sure you’re given opportunities at your job/life that you take, but instead you are mad at them for taking it. You sound even disgusted to share a building with them like they’re all dirty criminals or something. I respect your way of thinking Westsider, because it means nothing. It only means something to you in your mind and all you are saying is true to you in your world but it won’t change anything. What IS true in the world is that the 80/20 IS happening and YOU have the choice to find another luxury building to move into. Good day.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          nicely said, John. what are we coming to when people like “West Sider” express such ugly and prejudicial views so proudly? (but not proudly enough that he sheds his anonymity.)

          I am glad to see more and more people on this site protesting the prejudice of the few.

    16. Tina says:

      WestSider you are a monster. It’s people like you who have no heart and you’re okay with that. I am a young adult in my 20s and I work 5-6 days a week and I work very hard for my money. I chose a career in makeup and a career that I love not a career where I can make a quick buck off of others and become rich in a heartless way. I deserve to live and stay in Manhattan where I was born and raised just like anybody else. We need opportunities like this for decent housing. Who the hell wants to spend $10,000.00 on housing? Even if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t. The working class upholds the community you and the other 1% are the real smoochers. You should really reevaluate the way you think. We need more intelligent comments posted here like the ones coming from Bruce, John, Bella and others!

    17. Hunter says:

      Guess we know where DeBlasio’s family and friends will be living when the building is complete.

    18. Lisa Crawford says:

      I received information about the Newly Constructed Apartments for Rent on West 62nd Street from the Camba office on Bay Street in Staten Island in March. If requests needed to be postmarked by December 13, 2013 & applications postmarked by January 3, 2014. Please request they take down outdated information from their bulletin board. It gives unrealistic hope to people who are going through hard times and/or the eviction process.

    19. Brooklyngirl says:

      I have been patiently waiting for a response from this development since I applied last year. I have a interview coming up that I am so excited about. I know my partner and I will be moving to the west side as soon as the development is finished. Super excited!!! For all of those who have applied, something should be in the mail real soon for you. I wish you all good luck!

    20. peter dellosso says:

      can u send me a application thank u

    21. ILYA SHATS says:


    22. Diana Mitsura says:

      I would like to apply for affordable apartment for lower income people. Will appreciate for any information.


    24. Barbara paulus says:

      Are these new buildings?

    25. Md Shahidul Amin says:

      Brilliant opportunity for low income people.