Much of West End Avenue between 70th and 109th streets is now part of a historic district, and the parts that aren’t yet in the district will likely be landmarked within the next couple of years.

But one new project got approval just before the avenue was designated, and it’s now starting to sell apartments. The building at 732 West End Avenue (between 95th and 96th street) is selling three and four bedroom apartments for $2.7 to $8.5 million.

“Each of the fourteen residences are accessed by the building’s privately keyed elevator which opens on a full floor home designed in concert with Baltimore Design Group. Residents step off the private elevator into a vaulted- ceiling foyer, a few steps on the oak wood floors and the foyer opens into an expansive living room with a gas fireplace and stunning views of the Hudson River.”

The development, Curbed notes, helped spur demand for the West End-Riverside historic district — two sandstone buildings were demolished to make room for the new structure. And it sparked complaints from nearby residents upset about the construction.

Here’s the Streeteasy listing and some interior photos from Curbed.

Here’s what it looked like before, as per the 736 West End Avenue protest site.


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    1. Mary jones says:

      Between 95-96 st, not 96-97 st

    2. westsideMoms says:

      wow the new building is ugly.

      and two historic townhouses destroyed for this?

      landmark all the pre wars

    3. Alison says:

      I’m sorry, but I would not pay (if I had it!)those sort of prices to live on that busy corner, right by the highway exit/entrance. But that’s just me…..

    4. PRL says:

      Great news for the neighborhood! I welcome the new residents of this development.

    5. Ken says:

      West End Avenue is so dark, depressing, lifeless and extensively proliferated by semi-permanent sidewalk sheds littering the fronts of buildings which owners can’t afford to bring up to code – that one should welcome some new life being breathed into that mausoleum of an avenue. Just saying.

      • elj says:

        Curious as to what part of West End Ave you are talking about. The stretch from 94th St. to 72nd is full beautiful well-kept buildings.

        Most of NYC is full of sidewalk bridges due to the strict regulations imposed by the city for many types of normal repair work. The bridge on my building stayed up longer than we wanted but it was due to contractor delays,not with the building unable to pay for maintenance work.

        Lifeless, depressing? I don’t think the residents in most of those buildings think so and apparently neither do a lot of people looking for an apartment to buy or rent.

        There are many days when I walk somewhere, I walk down West End. I don’t always want the noise, litter, panhandling and sidewalk crowds on Broadway. Another benefit is that it is usually an easy place to get a cab if you need one.

        I’m just saying…

        • jerry says:

          I agree with elj 100%. I, too, often choose West End over Broadway when I walk around the neighborhood…and then there’s always Riverside Drive, one of the most beautiful boulevards in our fair city. A great walk.

    6. Beth says:

      We live near here. The buildings had been abandoned for years. Rats were frequently seen running in and out of the buildings. It’s better to have an occupied building, than two structures just left to rot.

      • westsideMoms says:

        that is called real estate speculation.

        the owners ran them into the ground on purpose so there would be no outcry when the they came down.

        They where two lovely townhomes that where detroyed by greed.

    7. What a good news for the whole community. It is a lovely area and people will only perk it up. Seems very expensive though for the state of it

    8. Jose Habib says:

      Too bad for the people in the apts on either side! Their windows are gone now.

    9. Susan Nierenberg says:

      We have an overseas client who might be very interested in this- can we book in to see some of the apartments? Susan