The invasion of 7-Eleven into New York reversed course this week when a branch of the convenience store chain on 93rd street and Amsterdam Avenue closed suddenly and without explanation. Notes on the doors directed 7-Eleven fans to the company’s two other local locations on 96th and Broadway and Columbus and 89th.

A reader wrote in that she started noticing some weird developments at the store starting on Sunday: “I popped into 7-11 Sunday night to grab some seltzer water and they had none. Then I noticed all the shelves were sparsely stocked. I asked one of the employees if they were closing and he said they were just doing inventory this week. On Wednesday night I noticed the lights were out, shelves and equipment mostly removed and signs on the door directing people to the store at 96th and Broadway.” She said that the 93rd street location had a “KeyMe kiosk,” which is a locker where people can store extra keys. The boxes are locked using digital fingerprint scanners. Oh you thought 7-Eleven just sold Slurpees, not hi-tech Robocop gadgets!?!

No one was picking up the phone at other local 7-Eleven locations to fill us in on what happened.

Last year, 7-Eleven reportedly set a target of opening 114 locations in the city in the next five years. A fourth (or now, third) location is slated for 106th street.

Thanks to Malcolm, Kimberly, and Ira.

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    1. NikFromNYC says:

      No Slurpees?

      Blueberries to the high fiber, low glycemic load rescue! Frozen blueberries are cheaper than fresh and the bitterness of being frozen adds tart character to a power stick blended smoothie made after doubling the blueberry volume with tap water. Adding a full handful of bulk purchased xylitol sweatener is a low glycemic index luxury that destroys cavity bacteria so your teeth can naturally re-calcify. A mortar allows quick addition of a baby aspirin and a vitamin D tablet to reduce risk of heart disease and cancer.

      -=NikFromNYC=-, Ph.D. in chemistry (Columbia/Harvard)

      • Cato says:

        Or, you could just drink water (OK, bottled from an Italian source, if you’re among the new West Sider breed) and take a long walk in the park (or put on your official Spandex I’m-Lance-Armstrong-before-he-got-outted bicycling togs, hop on your multi-thousand-dollar imported two-wheeled velocipede, and go to Central Park to zooooooom over pedestrians, after your Italian refresher) instead.

        — Cato / B.S. a-plenty, School of Hard Knocks

    2. Scooter Stan says:

      Gee, had they sold off their stock at reduced prices they could have advertised,

      “7-Eleven at 5-Ten Prices!”

      Everyone who fondly remembers “Woolworth’s 5 & 10 Cent” stores please raise your hand!

      Note: those with age-related poor muscle-tone are excused)


    3. Sheila says:

      I hope the soon to be opened 711 on 106th and B’dway meets the same fate….GO AWAY!

    4. Jeff says:

      Awesome, there is still hope.

    5. Frankenstein says:

      Good riddance!Let’s hope the others go the same way soon.