The space at the corner of 102nd street and Broadway has been on an unlucky streak: First, Mama Mexico closed about a year ago, and now its replacement Maria Bonita has folded — it “never caught on,” said our tipster David.

“We went a few times, most recently last weekend,” wrote Steve. “Food was decent, if a bit pricey, but the crowd was sparse. The place never seemed to draw the audience that jammed Mama Mexico.”

The place is still advertising a Cinco de Mayo bash on its website — alas, it never made it tot he 5th. The phone is out of service. Thanks to David, Sean and Steve for the tips and Sean for the photo.

Gotham Burger at 726 Amsterdam Avenue (between 95th and 96th), which we wrote about in March, is getting closer to opening. In fact, the owner now says it should open this month: “The food, including the namesake Gotham Burger, will mostly be the same, [owner Avi] Roth said, but the New York location will feel more like a sports bar, with a liquor license and TVs,” reported.

“Roth, a former education consultant, has described his restaurant concept as a Kosher Shake Shack,” Patch reported.

Emerald Inn has already set up its signs at its new location on 72nd between Broadway and West End Avenue. The community board will vote on its liquor license application this month. Thanks to Chris for the tip and photo. It’s expected to open by June 1.

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    1. adami says:

      I don’t know why the always packed Mama Mexico closed, but Maria Bonita was a disaster from the start. My wife and I decided to try it out early on, despite the fact that it looked strangely empty for a Saturday night. We were only told after we ordered that they still had no liquor license. No problem, I grabbed a six pack at the deli and we drank dos equis as we waited for our appetizers. And waited. We noticed the waiter seemed to be having trouble getting the right order to the table nearest us and guests at another table got up to leave, apparently without eating. But when we flagged down the waiter he assured us our food was on it way. Soon, however, our six pack was almost gone and we hadn’t even received a salad. Once again, our waiter apologized and promised it was coming. Then he disappeared. Another 10 minutes went by and we realized we’d been there over an hour. There wasn’t even anyone around to say goodbye to when we got up to leave and went to Noche around the corner.