Put your mouse down. Stand back from the iPad. This year, you will leave the house and buy something from a local store. Yes, we understand that many things sold in local stores are not made locally. Yes, local stores might not have every single item you think you might want, and they might even cost you a little more money. But talking to human beings and browsing their stores is one reason you live in a city — you could have moved to strip-mall land years ago, and lived in peaceful anonymity. Heck, you could live in a five-bedroom mansion outside Cleveland for what you’re paying in rent every month!

But you don’t.

So get out there, Upper West Siders! New zoning laws aren’t going to save this neighborhood’s character. You and your bulging (or slim) wallet are.

The sign above is from the Columbus Natural Food market, one of the great Upper West Side stores. Let us know in the comments about some stores where you’ll be shopping this year and what you bought. It will give the rest of us ideas.

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    1. Maria Dering says:

      Stationery and Toy on West 72nd Street is a fantastic place to buy great gifts and supplies for your home office. Everything you could possibly want — independent & local!

    2. Rosemary Newman says:

      I love local stores! I will be moving to the UWS in Jan. after spending 20 years upstate. I tried to patronize the little places as much as I can! Looking forward to finding some great stores.

    3. jerry says:

      Local stores…for food – we have two of the best – Zabar’s and Murray’s on Broadway between 89th & 90th. The new Harry’s Shoes seems to have taken a a Madison Avenue presentation and pricing, thus losing some of its neighborhood appeal…Gold’s Stationary on Amsterdam, nice, lovely people, and meanwhile, I’m still looking for a really good UWS pizza – forget Numero28 on Amesterdam in the 90’s…terrible, the best I can find now is Sal & Carmine’s on Broadway between 101/102. And for a vet – try Dr. Henry Fierman (Cathedral) on 101st between WEA and Broadway…the good old family vet, warm, understanding and reasonable.

    4. Shana Lily says:

      The Town Shop on bway and 82nd! Run by the fourth generation of family and great fitters! It’s there since the 1920’s!

    5. Amy says:

      Liberty House! Liberty House! The best!

      • Irene says:

        Yes! LIBERTY HOUSE. I first shopped at Liberty House on B/way when I was 16 years old. I’ll be collecting SS soon. I’m so glad its still around.

    6. Susan Levit says:

      Bank Street Bookstore on 112th and Broadway- where else can you buy a toy on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and bring your dog inside too! And don’t forget Suba’s pharmacy – one of the very few non-chain stores in the area. And for your dog/cat- Little Creatures on Amsterdam between 97th and 98th street; right near Malecon where you can have breakfast for less than $5.00!

    7. JDUWS says:

      Levain Bakery for all of your holiday parties. The cookies make amazing gifts!

    8. Irene says:

      I always try to buy locally, but more so this time of year. If I can avoid midtown from now until early January I will. BTW I bought some really nice gifts at the museum gift shops NYHS, Met & Natural History. As for wine & spirits…try some of the smaller stores instead of Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck). Less hassle, crowds and anx…Shop Local!

    9. Christina says:

      Most of the local stores on the UWS are chains these days. So not so local when you can find them at other locations in city and beyond!

    10. Pam says:

      Cardeology on Amsterdam between 85th & 86th for cards, wrapping paper, party supplies, gifts. They moved to this location from a few blocks south a few years ago. I’m sure the scaffolding on the building must be bad for business and they could use support. West Side Kids at Amsterdam & 84th for great toys. More & More on Amsterdam & 78th for beautiful tree ornaments & unique gifts.