Photo of Sonic the Hedgehog at balloon inflation by Jason Haber.

November 23, 2012 Weather: Partly Cloudy, High of 53 Degrees.

A midnight movie and The nutcracker’s opening night performance are on our calendar.

Today, the New-York Historical Society debuts a unique toy train exhibit: “Magnificent model trains, train stations and sheds, bridges and tunnels, carousels and Ferris wheels—all populated with toy figurines in colorful nineteenth-century dress, will be on view this holiday season at the New-York Historical Society, in the first museum exhibition of selections from the renowned Jerni Collection.” Click here to find out how to get one kid under 13 in for free.

Rockaway residents got front-row seats to Thursday’s Thanksgiving Parade, and saw a familiar face. “Then a cheer of surprise and delight went up from the Rockaway residents crowded in the stands, and anyone else who recognized the fur-, feather- and flower-draped figure pushing a cart behind Santa’s entourage, looking for all the world like just another colorful parade character. It was the ‘Rockaway Beach Guy,’ as some residents of the hard-hit seaside community in Queens know the man with the neon green beard who regularly saunters across the Boardwalk there.” (NY Times)

Food banks throughout the city are running low following the hurricane. “Sandy put a heavy strain on New York City’s food banks and pantries, which distributed millions of pounds of food to storm victims while also feeding their normal clientele. Donations and federal assistance have helped with the shortfall, but officials at several large charities remain anxious about the months ahead.” (Wall Street Journal)

Ken and Sarah Burns’ Central Park Five film reviewed. (NY Times)

A nice shot of the Charlie Brown balloon from Thursday’s parade. Finally getting some respect! (Yahoo)

And for no substantive reason, check out Larry David’s Animated Thanksgiving Special just unveiled by Funny or Die. (via Eater)

Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special from Larry David
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