Hurricane Sandy has made landfall in New Jersey, the winds have kicked up, and Riverside Park South is submerged under water. Schools and the stock market are closed on Tuesday, and basically all events have been cancelled. Don’t go into parks. In fact, don’t go outside. Just got this from the city’s Office of Emergency Management:

“Alert issued 10/29/12 08:00 PM. Due to severe storm conditions, all NYC residents are being instructed to go indoors immediately and to remain indoors until further notice. Go indoors , and stay away from windows. Only use 9-1-1 for emergencies.”

We have heard from numerous Upper West Siders throughout the neighborhood that their lights are flickering, and some report that their internet is out. Con Edison has informed Manhattanites below 36th Street that there’s a chance their power will be turned off. It’s safe to assume that we’re in danger of a large-scale power outage.

“Con Edison continues to monitor underground electrical delivery equipment in other areas of Manhattan south of 36th Street, along with section of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, for flooding and possible shutdowns.”

It doesn’t make sense at this point to go outside. We’ve seen images of walk signals in Manhattan that fell off their poles, and large signs dangling from buildings. And while the massive crane that partially collapsed this afternoon is on 57th, there’s also a large crane on 77th Street and Broadway (no indication that it’s in trouble, but with high winds it’s certainly disconcerting). More tips from Con Ed:

Keep us informed of what you’re seeing and hearing!

Photo of rope on an awning at West End Avenue by Laura Weiss.

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    1. Ryan says:

      Quite a few flickers here on RSB, but we have power and Internet (go FIOS!)

    2. Susan says:

      lights flickering on W 75th St. Eyewitness News is too on W 67th St.