An apparently unmanned sailboat became unmoored this afternoon on the Hudson River, and began floating up the river, narrowly missing smashing into the pier. George Guerrero had been watching the boat on the river from his Riverside Boulevard apartment when he turned away and all of a sudden the boat “is gone.”

He raced down to the Riverside Park to get a better look and watched as police gathered to figure out how to get it under control.

“The boat obviously became unmoored, but is moving slowly down the Hudson. Fortunately, it missed the pier by a few meters, but its journey is not yet over. Police are on the scene, but I can’t really see what they could do. Perhaps a tug boat can scoot over and try to tow it or tie it down.”

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    1. oz says:

      Golightly showed the world how you ride a storm, when all other boats were stowed in caves and fendered up with lines, she rode it like a real princess.
      Oz & Caretta, 79th boat basin

    2. Fx says:

      The boat is still there, around 65th. If nobody wants it, I’ll take it!