Rigoletto Pizza, a favorite spot for Upper West Side families that was located on 69th Street and Columbus Avenue for about 20 years, shut down a few months ago to make way for El Mitote, a new Mexican restaurant from the same owners. But Rigoletto has reopened at 141 West 72nd Street, and it looks like the menu is expanding.

Rigoletto will soon start selling empanadas, and “home-made baked goods” are coming soon too. Check out the menu below (click to enlarge) and a picture of the interior.

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    1. Cato says:

      Nice, and I wish them the very best in their new home.

      But shouldn’t the menu headline read “Pizza DI [not “de”] Rigoletto”, if it’s supposed to be Italian?

    2. L.K. says:

      The prices are higher too–$3.50 for a slice of plain pizza! Not worth it IMHO… and $1.95 for a can of ginger ale. Ripoff!

    3. Men says:

      Don’t blame them. Blame the property owners who are likely charging them $30,000 a month in rent. Do the math and figure out how many slices of pizza they have to sell just break even after rent, electricity and salaries. That is why there are no small businesses opening up on the Upper West Side anymore.