The folks promoting the new off-Broadway show Old Jews Telling Jokes sent us a voucher for two tickets to the show, so we’re holding a contest to give them away to a West Side Rag reader. Isn’t that generous? (Not really, because we got them for free.)

Update: We are no longer accepting entries. Please vote for your favorite here.

Anyway, here’s the contest. To enter you need to send us an email with two or three sentences about your favorite small shop on the Upper West Side, and why you like it. If you have multiple favorites, just pick one. The others won’t mind. The email you send us should be like this:

Gartner’s Hardware, 72nd Street between Columbus and Broadway: I love Gartner’s because the guys there explain how to fix things without treating me like an idiot. They give my kid toys, and they’ll even come over to install air conditioners for a cheap fee. And when you walk by the shop, they wave at you.

That’s the format. Email us at info at westsiderag dot com to enter. We will post the answers and ask people to vote for their favorite on Friday around 10 a.m. So try to get us a couple of sentences by then. C’mon, it’s not that hard and you get to promote a local business!

Editor’s note: You don’t have to be an old Jewish person to enter.

Below, you can watch a video of an actress from Old Jews talking to people in Times Square about Gefilte Fish. And read more about the show here.

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    1. Cato says:

      The show is a stage presentation based on the website of the same name,

      It’s outrageously funny — IF you like that kind of thing…..