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July 25, 2012 Weather: Sunny, High of 86 Degrees.

Lincoln Center Out of Doors starts tonight. And there are lots of other events on our calendar.

Jewish Home Lifecare’s plans to build a 20-story nursing home on 97th Street continue to draw flak, and now the Borough President is getting involved in trying to stop it. Scott Stringer said “I’m angry” about how Jewish Home has been treating neighbors and “My office is trying to put road blocks up.” Parents of students at PS 163 are worried about noise and pollution created by construction. The project was halted by a judge earlier this year, because it may impinge on the rights of Park West Village residents. We previously covered this debate here (check out the comments to see just how much this is upsetting residents). (Epoch Times and DNAinfo)

Someone named Randy Narod is planning to open as bagel shop called H&H Bagels on Fulton Street. It’s not, however, the same as the famous H&H Bagel company that went bankrupt and closed its iconic Upper West Side store. This Narod fellow registered a company called the “Original H&H Bagels,” even though Helmer Toro has a trademark on the name. Toro has issued a cease and desist letter to Narod. (Wall Street Journal and Grubstreet)

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    1. jerry says:

      Scott Stringer is not a bad man, but he is a desperate man…standing in line behind Mayor hoperfuls Ms. Quinn and Mr. DeBlasio. If the Jewish Home’s plans are legal, they are legal. As far as the noise and pollution are concerned, if it’s an issue, we all better get the hell out. The UWS – and, indeed, the whole city – is under life quality attack from the overwhelming amount of construction, reconstruction and destruction going on. If you live on the UWS, you may continully be grabbing the Hoover and the Liquid Gold in an attempt to maintain a clean apartment…as the debris from the above always manage to filter its way inside our windows – not to mention our lungs. As far as bagels are concerned…who cares? There are lots and lots of good bagels around – from Zabar’s to Murray’s on Broadway between 89th and 90th, to The Bagel Company. H&H’s bagels, at the end of their days, were overpriced and mediocre. And, if you are still looking for the “best bagel”, try Bagel Bob’s on the UES.

    2. Riley says:

      I guess Stringer hates the old but loves the homeless. All this rage over a senior home but no outrage over the mega-shelter for 400 going into West End and 95th? Across from a school and three playgrounds? HELLO?