Photo by faungg in Central Park.

July 26, 2012 Weather: Scattered Thunderstorms, High of 91 Degrees.

Jerry Seinfeld will hold his first stand-up show in more than a decade at the Beacon Theatre on Oct. 4 as part of  a five-show set throughout the city (no others on the UWS as of yet). Tickets here.

Beefy the skateboarding Upper West Side bulldog is traveling the country to raise money and awareness of breast cancer. You can support him here.

There are lots of events today on our calendar, including multiple free concerts and performances in Lincoln Center’s outdoor plazas. Hopefully they won’t get rained out!

A spider show opens on Saturday at the Museum of Natural History. Live spiders! Clearly, this may not be for everyone.

A 59-year-old Upper West Sider was recently defrauded, say police; someone stole a check made out to her worth about $30K, opened an account in her name at Wells Fargo, cashed the check, and then withdrew the cash. Police think this may be part of  a pattern. Don’t banks check about 15 forms of ID before letting you open an account, or was that just for me? (NY Press)

An article about the owners of a new Kosher restaurant in SoHo takes a jab at Upper West Side kosher restaurants: “They didn’t enjoy the drab, some might call stale, vibe at the Upper West Side’s kosher restaurants, and they bemoaned lack of appropriate food to eat at downtown’s nicest places.” (Tablet)

The MTA’s preliminary budget includes a fare increase in 2013. (NY Times)

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    1. Sean Dwyer says:

      About Wells Fargo’s lax security on the identity theft case, of course they check 15 forms of ID if you’re there just for savings or checking. However, if you’re there to commit fraud, they are happy to facilitate: after all, they ARE the experts!