Photo by an anonymous tipster who walked by the Ritz Camera store on 89th Street and Broadway as it closed its doors for good Monday. In the trash were a Kodak slide carousel, display stands, photo enlargements and other goodies. “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.” Ritz is moving across the street into the old T-Mobile store.

May 1, 2012 Weather: Partly Cloudy, High of 74 Degrees.

PS 199, at 270 West 70th Street, is holding a stoop sale in its cafeteria on Saturday from 11 to 3.

The new market Gastronomie 491 now offers afternoon tea service. Also cheese tastings, starting tonight. How civilized! (Eater)

A man named Costello has earned a reputation as an artistic and deeply devoted gardener, decorating tree planters in a five-block radius around 102nd Street. “He really has woven himself into this neighborhood,” resident Janet Metz Unger said. “And walking up and down the block, you feel so lucky because you don’t know what you’re going to see next.” (ABC)

A townhouse at 40 Riverside Drive where Marc Chagall once lived is being sold off in two pieces. Each is listed for more than $6 million. (Curbed)

Schools, including PS 199, may be manipulating attendance stats in order to receive better scores from the city. (DNAinfo)

Occupy Wall Street is staging numerous protests today. (NY Times)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn trimmed the Living Wage bill to the point where it helps only about 500 workers. During a rally for the bill, Quinn walked out after someone in the crowd called the mayor “Pharaoh Bloomberg”. (NY Times)

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    1. David T says:

      I think PS 199 is holding a “stoop” (not “stop”) sale. Right?