It’s a tricky thing, drinking with small children. Even when it’s a “healthy” decision — just calmly having a cold beer with my small child on this lovely weekend day! — there really are very few bars that allow you to drink like an adult, but not feel like an awful parent.

Until now.

The Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center just opened a bar called On Tap that really feels like a bar, and offers lots of local beers and some decent food. And when I went this weekend, it was packed with strollers.

This being Whole Foods, I expected everything to be expensive. But the beers were five bucks and mostly included New York beers like Porkslap Pale Ale and Blue Point Toasted Lager. The food was also not insanely expensive, and there were non-healthy options on the menu like hot dogs. Check out a pdf of the beer and wine menu here. The bar is right next to the registers at Whole Foods.

And while the store was insanely packed, the bar felt roomy. There was even football on the TV. Parents nodded silently at each other as if to say “let’s not judge each other.” And we didn’t.

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