The Blue Donkey Bar at 487 Amsterdam Avenue between 83rd and 84th Streets has closed down after the police brought a Nuisance Abatement case against it — but the police were just one of the groups that the bar blamed for the closing.

There was also the neighbor, a guy named Tim Tomlinson who regularly called the authorities on them; the community board for giving the Donkey a hard time; the 20th precinct; the employee that the restaurant said it fired for allowing people to smoke pot on the patio but still collected unemployment benefits; and lastly “the reckless young men who got busted on our patio.”

All of them were mentioned in a couple of notes taped to the bar’s door explaining “The reason why The Donkey has closed.” (Thanks to @davidjanet for sending us pictures of the notes, posted below).

The bar concluded the note by saying “‘The quickest way to end the war is to lose.’ We accept defeat.”

We called Tomlinson for his response but haven’t heard back from him yet.

The bar has mentioned Tomlinson before on facebook for blowing the whistle. According to a cached page, the bar said the police came out after Tomlinson complained and the officers said they smelled weed — a woman having a birthday party on the patio, however, thought the officers were strippers “so she kept asking them to strip.” It was that kind of place. As one yelper wrote:

“I have walked in to find no one behind the bar. Random people coming in and out with drinks from the front or back, etc. ┬áPeople playing pool or wii for hours on end. It is just that kind of atmosphere. And it is wonderful.”

Of course, others simply called it “yucky.” And it attracted some complaints. Minutes from Community Board 7 meetings show that Tomlinson and others have showed up at liquor license hearings to complain about the bar.

As word of the bar’s possible demise spread last week, a Facebook page to Save the Blue Donkey Bar popped up, and had 17 members the last time I checked.

The Blue Donkey owners used to own a greasy spoon called Homer’s World Famous Malt Shop next door to the bar, but that closed a couple of years ago.

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