Subway Ridership is on the Rise; Community Board 7 Considers Ways to Get More People on Trains

When New York City became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the subways emptied out in a hurry. Polls of New Yorkers continue to demonstrate co … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photo of the Day: MTA Bus Driver Takes a Knee as Protest Streams Past

A bus driver stopped for a moment of solidarity, taking a knee during a protest march that had wound up Central Park West on Thur … Read the rest of this entry >>

MTA Using Bleach Liberally as it Combats Coronavirus on Subways

Commuters got a whiff of bleach as they entered the 79th Street 1 train station on Tuesday morning, part of the state's plan to sanitize the subways and slow the spread of coronav … Read the rest of this entry >>

Angry Epithet-Filled Graffiti at 72nd Street Lashes Out at Police and MTA

Angry graffiti appeared early on Friday at the 72nd Street station for the B-C line. Several tipsters sent in photos of the graffiti, which inc … Read the rest of this entry >>

Subway Storm Troopers Vaporize Prankster’s Jedi Mind Trick At 72nd Street

Someone just trying to have a little nerd-fun made posters poking fun at subway delays, replacing station names with Star Wars planet names. But their ef … Read the rest of this entry >>

Two UWS Subway Stations Slated to Get Elevators Under MTA Capital Plan

The MTA is planning to add more elevators to 70 subway stations under its 2020-2024 capital plan, and two local stations are on the … Read the rest of this entry >>

‘Bus is Turning’ Announcements Irk Some West Siders, and Changes May be Coming

A robotic voice installed on many MTA buses announces to people outside the bus every time a "Bus is Turning." The safety measure is mea … Read the rest of this entry >>

Man Flashing Gun at M11 Bus Driver Arrested By 20th Precinct Cops

Quick action Friday morning by an MTA M11 bus driver and NYPD officers from the 20th Precinct may have prevented a tra … Read the rest of this entry >>

Complaint Box: Someone Really Dislikes the ‘Bus Turning’ Safety Announcements

Someone has been posting messages on light poles and bus shelters throughout the neighborhood for the past few months bemoaning the sound of automated speakers that say "Caution, bus is turn … Read the rest of this entry >>

Major Shutdowns Coming to the 1, 2 and 3 Subway Lines For Multiple Weekends, Including Total Shutdown for Two Weekends

An upgrade to the switches on the 1, 2 and 3 lines on the Upper West Side will cause major weekend shutdowns for the rest of the summer, the MTA … Read the rest of this entry >>

72nd Street Subway Station That Had $25 Million Renovation Springs Another Leak

The 72nd Street B and C line subway station is leaking once again, puzzling riders who wonder why the MTA spent so much … Read the rest of this entry >>

86th Street Subway Stop Slated to Open Friday, Workers Say

Workers renovating the 86th Street subway station at Central Park West said this week that the station is scheduled to open late Friday after … Read the rest of this entry >>

Town Hall Addresses West Siders’ Commuting Nightmares

Bus-riders, bike-riders, straphangers, pedestrians and drivers all seem to agree on one thing: it’s no picnic getting around the city these … Read the rest of this entry >>

72nd Street Subway Station Floods Days After Reopening Following Major Renovation

The newly renovated 72nd Street subway station just opened a little over a week ago and, lo and behold, the stairs were flooded just days l … Read the rest of this entry >>

City Evaluating Local Subway Station Accessibility and Bus Route Efficiency

The City is in the midst of evaluating Upper West Side subway stations and bus routes to improve accessibility and travel time, acco … Read the rest of this entry >>

72nd Street Subway Station Reopens, With Yoko Ono ‘Sky’ Mosaic

The 72nd Street subway station for the B and C lines reopened on Thursday afternoon after being closed since May for repairs and other upgr … Read the rest of this entry >>

MTA Said That New 110th Street Subway Station Was ‘On Time’ — Except the Tiles Were Put in Wrong

The MTA sent out a glowing press release just before Labor Day about how its $30 million renovation to the Cathedral Parkway subway station at 110th Stree … Read the rest of this entry >>

First Renovated Subway Station Set to Reopen Over Labor Day Weekend, MTA Says

The subway station at 110th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, which has been closed for upgrades since April, will reopen over Labor Day we … Read the rest of this entry >>

MTA Mystery: Has Anyone Taken the CPW Ghost Bus?

All summer there's been scuttlebutt about a free MTA shuttle bus roaming Central Park West, presumably to provide alternate transportation for B/C subway ri … Read the rest of this entry >>

Upper West Siders Grill MTA’s New Subway and Bus Chief; He’s Got A Name Tag and ‘A Radical Plan’

Standing before nearly 200 residents filling the sanctuary of Rutgers Presbyterian Church, New York City Transit President Andy Byford pre … Read the rest of this entry >>