Subway Storm Troopers Vaporize Prankster’s Jedi Mind Trick At 72nd Street

Someone just trying to have a little nerd-fun made posters poking fun at subway delays, replacing station names with Star Wars planet names. But their efforts were vanquished by the MTA, which alerted a station agent of the presence of a rebel force.

A Star Wars fan (or perhaps a George Lucas publicity agent?) pasted a poster to the wall of the 72nd Street B-C subway station at Central Park West on Tuesday. It said that trains would skip Alderaan and Naboo, planets in the Star Wars universe because of “irregularity.”

But as soon as the poster was sent out by West Side Ragger Michael McDowell over the Twitter-waves, the MTA jumped to action.

And the rebel force was vaporized. As Chewbacca would say, “GARRGRROORGR!”

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    1. Liifeoong UWS says:

      I have not laughed this hard since…I do not recall. Hahaha

    2. Audge says:

      Love this so much! Such creativity.

    3. Ed says:

      So will Princess Leie have to take a substitute bus at 86th Street to get home?

    4. marci says:

      This is great!

    5. mattNYC says:

      The creative force is strong with this one.

    6. SarahB says:

      The MTA could only dream of being as on time as the Millenneum Falcon. Of course they would have no sense of humor.

    7. Mark W. says:

      As an answer to #4: only if she purchases her ticket ahead of time. 86 crosstown is an SBS (select bus service). Regardless, you’re right. I hope she knows this

    8. Sara says:

      Awww-wwww-wwwww!!! Why did they take it down? This is actually FUNNY. . . .something we could use MORE of!!