‘A Mark Rothko Sky’: ‘Tonight Was Something Special’

Photograph by Mildred Alpern.

“Tonight, a Mark Rothko sky, bands of dusty pink and purple that are an homage to the great painter,” wrote Mildred Alpern, a frequent contributor to West Side Rag who sent in the above photograph.

Three more readers sent in stunning sunset photos on Monday evening.

Photograph by Craig Sherman. @ShermCraig  

“Feelings were of tremendous awe,” Craig wrote. “I often take these pics, but tonight was something special.”

Photo credit: Instagram handle jondb4

“Sunset over the Hudson from West 88th St”

Photograph by Nicholas Archer.

“Sunset on San Remo. Looks like two candles.”

Three photographs by Elizabeth Langer.

From the Master Apartments at 103rd and Riverside.

Photograph by Jeff French Segall.

“As the sun set in the West, it cast its glow to the East. This photograph, taken today  (Jan. 3, 2022) from my window, faces the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park.”

Photograph by Randy Majors.

“From our terrace on 76th and Amsterdam :)”


Two photographs by Adam Frank.

“I looked out my window from my home office (a/k/a my son’s bedroom) and saw the beginning of this sunset—a thin band of orange was visible below the clouds. By the time I grabbed my phone and opened my window the sky looked like this. Taken at 74th and Riverside.”

Two Photographs by Miriam Ahmad.

“View from my apartment window  (25th floor) on 93rd and Columbus.”

Photograph by Joyce Willis.

“Taken from 12th floor window, Riverside Drive and 108th St. (No enhancements! True colors.)”

Photograph by Emily Kaye.

“From my patio at 94th and Broadway.”

Photograph by Marianne Allegro.

“1/3/21 sunset seen from Broadway and W. 108th St., northeast corner, roof (above 12th floor)”
If you’d like to share a photograph of Monday’s sunset, send it to westsiderag@gmail.com and we’ll post it. Tell us where you were when you took it and a little about it.
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    1. Sue says:

      Great Pictures – Really is Rothko in the sky!

    2. WombatNYC says:

      Lived on 97th and Riverside for 5 years. I miss those magical sunsets over the Hudson.

    3. Sylvia says:

      Thank you for posting these amazing photos. The photos capture the strength of colors and light on display that night during the setting of the sun. It is wonderful for me to have a chance to see that evening experience through these photos.

    4. JS says:

      Great photos!

    5. Boy, that Mark Rothco (occasionally known as Rothco Markus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz) could really predict a colorful sunset.

      I can see the headline now:

      “Local Boy Makes Good Predicting Colorful Sunsets”

    6. Ish Kabibble says:

      Jeff French Segall – is that the San Remo in your photo??

    7. Wendy Sands says:

      Just beautiful!

    8. Katie M says:

      If only these sunsets didn’t attract the obnoxious loud tourist helicopters form NJ that seem to have swarmed our skies and filled our homes with constant inescapable noise.